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    2015-11-04aRagexe crashes

    look like some issue in grf or data or system folder. Try search really working translations and grf and test is it still crashing
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    =General *changedress *nocosplay -Added support for these client commands. -These remove body costume outfits like xmas, summer, hanbok, oktoberfest, etc. *Removed some code thats no longer needed. -Gravity found a way to prevent client crashes when displaying body costume's -while the body style value is set to 1. =Skills *HT_TALKIEBOX *RG_GRAFFITI -Fixed a issue where the skill didn't work at all. -This issue was caused by a packet related issue that affected 2013-12-23 and -newer clients. Sad that this went unnoticed for 5 years. *LG_TRAMPLE -Added success chance. -Updated the list of traps it destroy's to official. *SO_EARTHGRAVE -Fixed a issue where it didn't hit hidden enemies. *SU_SV_ROOTTWIST *SU_SV_ROOTTWIST_ATK *AB_CONVENIO -Added support for these skills.
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    ZeRObrowser : client upgrade

    Renew UI : StorageStorage UI has been updated ! Now you're able to open mini windows, resize them, make a search (unlike official, my version is not case sensitive) and sort your storage by name (fall or rise).I tried to reproduce tricky behavior (escape key to close mini windows faster), resizing, save windows location etc... But some needs confirmation. For instance, what goes into Costume tab?.. even in my own client nothing goes inside. Maybe it's related to 'itemInfo.lua' with 'costume' field.Hope you like how it looks! NB: You can watch progress on page : https://vykimo.com/zerobrowser . And propose some features + give infos/tests.