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    Ragnarok Emojis v2.0

    View File Ragnarok Emojis v2.0 __________***PLEASE READ***__________ I updated a variety of ragnarok emojis. Example: became > Feel free to do whatever with the graphics. Use parts of it or fully, use them as a base or else - but please follow these rules: ________________________________________ Rules: Do not sell these graphics to anyone. Do not ask me to fix, adjust or change something unless you're willing to pay for it. If you upload them somewhere for others to download, please credit me and/or link back to herc.ws's download section. Contains: Ragnarok Emojis Submitter Daifuku Submitted 02/10/19 Category Other Graphics  
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    ZeRObrowser : client upgrade

    I'm not sure if I'm right to post here, I hesitated a lot by fear of being reprimanded. But I'm convinced the project worths to be known and don't be lost in oblivion... So that's why I venture to post, so please forgive me if crowdfunding is not allowed. I try to be fair as much in this demarche. So, now let's explain the project : ZeRObrowser I. PRINCIPLE Ragnarok Zero was announced by Gravity in 2017 : it contains several UI and system modifications. You probably know the project RoBrowser by KeyWorld (a RO client on web browser). Unfortunately, the project died many years ago and is today out of usage. My personnal challenge is to upgrade it to latest rAthena supported exe version : 2018-06-20aRagexe (and potentially support some features of 2016-12-28). Hercules will be as well supported of course. This project is very huge and it's currently the most advanced custom RO client ever made. And it has the main advantage to be cross platform (Windows, Linux, MacOS, Android supported) and very lightweight (ressources can be downloaded only when needed by the game engine). II. PARTICIPATION In order to support my work, I created a crowdfunding on PayPal.I want to share my upgrade in order to follow the will of the creator and to help Ragnarok Online pserver community to grow up even more.If I reach reasonnable amount (not defined yet), I plan to release my work as an Open-Source project.You can find here the pot and start right now to give the amount you decide : https://paypal.me/pools/c/89AICOm9kOI thank everyone that will donate whatever the amount, you're contributing to the future of RO pserver community.*Please note that nothing will be delivered before release for donators, you're only supporting thousands of hours of developement and I only promise to write news here about dev. If the goal isn't reached you'll be refunded. II. MORE INFOS You can find more infos on progress on my personnal website : https://vykimo.com/ (menu : zerobrowser) Screen Example :
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    Valentine's freebie headgear coming tomorrow I'm working together with @Normynator to bring sprites from different games into Ragnarok for free or very low cost. Stay tuned
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    I don't know if you realise this. You could retarget project even if you are not on Windows 10 SDK 10.0.15063 Windows 8.1 SDK I used 10.0.17763.0 and retarget project by rightclicking solution in solution explorer. function ok I think even in newer version of sdk for both rathena and hercules (retarget) and about download speed Do make use of internet download manager ... it's like "@speed 0" compare to normal way of download which is "@speed 100" it shorten download time by at least 75% if you use it. Nah I would not agree only developer grade or someone pro on source code stuff love linux more even when linux has nice and improved desktop environment the keyboard shortcut are all different if you are above pro window user you hate it (it's like your kitchen stuff is not where it should be and you need to learn or find them when you need them) I guess same here dah Westerner try to judge asian people's way to teach kid...sick and bad When I got the chance to learn to ride motorcycle I had nobody to teach me nothing all the adult say is keep your balance and hold on to the speed...including fall and break the bone. forgotten this: You should include the internet download manager into the guide too it helps with download speed with anything bigger than 500MB
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    Contact me in discord (@Dastgir#1460), and we will see what went wrong
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    RagnaPlace - Database & RO Tools

    What is RagnaPlace? RagnaPlace started just a simple database of the brazilian version of Ragnarök, today besides being the most complete and faithful database from the game, besides other tools and server options, it is available in the Portuguese and English languages with the bRO servers, iRO Renewal and iRO Classic (and more servers comming soon) The differential of other databases, in addition to the tools available such as the skill simulator, database cards, build system, compare items among other servers and functions such as npcs localization on maps etc; each database is totally separate from the others, that is to say that a monster that drops a card in bRO, and in iRO not, will be displayed different information for each of them, thus showing the rates of the official servers The build system, it is possible to build with attributes, skills (using the simulator) and items, so you can also send and share with anyone you want, separated on each server, bRO already has 347 builds since its launch https://ragnaplace.com/ (if you find something wrong, or some suggestion send us here: https://ragnaplace.com/contact ) o/