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    Dress Pack

    Version v1.13


    What Is It?: The dress pack is a content pack that enables full use of the dressing room feature and also adds official alternate styles for 3rd jobs from jRO. How To Install: To use, simply have your DATA.INI file set to read the dressroom.grf before the data.grf/rdata.grf files. You can also use the tool GRF Editor to merge into your custom grf if desired. A 2015-10-29aRagexe or newer client is required for this to work properly. This file only adds support for the client side and will only let you view things in the dress room window. The server must fully support the system as well along with the "body" value in the character data. You will need to enable the "save_body_style" config in the conf/battle/client.conf to allow your server to save selected body styles. More info can be found in the read me file.
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    CDClient.DLL of RoPH

    hi good day, im currently wondering if someone can help me encrypt/decrypt CDClient.DLL , and how it works. it might help future free Gameguard on RO. here's the file of CDClient.DLL feel free to explore. CDClient.dll
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