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    Could someone list them to me? Ty!
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    [Showcase] Moonyxel Art

    Hi, I'm a new spriter. These are some of my works :3 Come anda meet me in Deviantart or Facebook, and order that sprite you've always dreamed on your server but never found anywhere 🙂 I accept sprites orders of any theme.
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    ra has oboro/rebellion herc doesnt herc has plugin support ra doesnt rathena database is split into 20 different sections herc database is perfect rathena uses a new src code herc uses the old one Theres also 3ceam or whatever near the bottom of the forum hosted by @Rytech which has all the jobs implemented, however they use rathena database, herc database is way better , they also use their own code but its all the same really.... Maybe some other reasons
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