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    Community Changes 2019

    Note: Community improvements are ongoing. This changelog will be updated as new features are added and adjustments are made. Forum Update We updated to the latest software of Invision Power Suite, a full changelog can be found here. You may experience increased load times, bugs, template errors, etc. Please report all issues you encounter. We have introduced a new Dark Theme for those users interested in using it. Please be advised that some posts containing custom font coloring may become difficult to read while using this optional theme variant. Light Theme is still Default. In order to use it, scroll down to the very bottom and click on "Theme". Improved Caching Grabbed all kro Patch Notes back until 2013 https://herc.ws/board/forum/188-kro-patch-notes/ special thanks to @KirieZ Forum Changes Added new Profile Field for Client Version. Added a small box to copy code from codeboxes directly to your clipboard. Concurrent Posts in the same Topic within 10 minutes now get automatically merged. You can now set a 2FA in your accounts Securiy Settings. You can either use Google Authenticator or Authy. Removed Gravatar support due to privacy concerns and performance issues. All avatars provided via Gravatar have been removed. Staff Application Forms has been revived and added to the Community Tab. A revamp is still missing tho. Upgraded from Captcha v2 to Invisible Captcha. You don't need to do anything now in order to register. Cleaning Removed some contact information in your profiles. Right now we support IRC, Discord and Skype. Offline Servers were delisted from the Server Advertising. Feel free to open a new Topic once your server relaunched. Old Database leftovers were removed. Improved Caching Method. Rating increased from 65 to 84.
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    March - April Digest 2019

    March - April Digest 2019 The following digest covers the month of March 1st - April 30th 2019 Team Changes @Mystery is stepping back from his role as Community Administrator. @Ridley is taking the role as Community Administrator Development Highlights Added configuration to enable/disable achievement system (#2170) Updated packets, shuffle packets, keys and messages up to 2019-04-03 and added packet CZ_STYLE_CLOSE (#2406) Server is now sending Ping packets or clients 20190320 RE+ Add chat command /resetcooltime Add allow call option Open macro ui in client by request Developmental Changes getinventorylist now creates extra variable named @inventorylist_idx, which returns items corresponding inventory index. (#2401) *gettimestr is now updated by *getcalendartim (#2388) change *rand() into *rnd() to prevent certain compiler issues (#2403) Deprecate *petstat and add CONSTANTS to *getpetinfo (#2398) Rename clif_charnameack into clif_blname_ack Add new server define constant MAX_ITEM_ID (#2367) Add optional parameter for *showscript to send target to SELF only (#2415) Improvents on RoDex (#2437) Add account id and char id into inter server rodex update packet Improve get zeny and items from rodex Automatically migrate pets to the new system that keeps hatched eggs in the inventory (#2428) Bug Fixes Fix UDT_LEVEL when show_mob_info level display is on (#2408) Fix pet autofeed feature (#2417) Fiix a bug when loading mob_skill_db.sql (#2416) Add missing enum value for clif_feel_req Fix possible null pointers in battle.c and clif.c Fix @bodystyle crash client (#2402) Special thanks to @Haru @4144 @hemagx @AnnieRuru @louisplag @KirieZ
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    Community Changes 2019

    Glad to see some community news being posted and some new updates being brought to the Hercules forums! Dark theme ftw!
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    [Guide] Effect Tool Usage

    Hello! After posting in Herc and rAthena to ask about the effect tool files in the various official GRFs, it seemed no one knew how to edit them for usage in custom maps, so I gave up until a few days ago when i started tinkering again and finally figured it out. Turns out I was just being a nub and it wasn't as annoying as it seemed, so I decided to write a guide in hopes that others can use these in their maps to make them even more fabulous, and so that hopefully, someone can figure out and post the proper usage for the other "effect tools" like Magic Floor, for the good of humankind! Also, If this is in the wrong section, etc., please let me know. I should note that I'm only going by what worked for me, this is just the base minimum needed to get them working on your map. Feel free to tinker around to discover different and better uses, methods, etc., and please let me know if any information provided here is incorrect or if there's anything I missed, etc, so that I may fix it. Useful/Needed: Browedit 586, 620 Notepad++ Browedit 2 Lua Dec (optional) What's an effect tool? They're used to add additional effects to maps. For every map that will use one, there is a .lub file in the GRF, under "data\luafiles514\lua files\effecttool" (Or may just be "LuaFiles" without the 514 depending on which one your game reads). The most commonly used effect tool function, which is the one I'll be talking about in this guide, uses the "EF_EMITTER" effect, #974. It is assumed you know how to work Browedit, at least enough to add a special effect and not crash yourself. The file will look like this below. Click below to see what some of these lines means. To make whatever you want visible on your map: 1. Add effect #974, EF_EMITTER to it. If you don't see it on your effects list, edit your effects.txt file on browedit's data folder to add it. When placing the effect, loop time seems to not matter, though to be sure, you may set it to 9999999 (9,999,999) which is what official maps commonly use. 2. Once you added EF_EMITTER wherever you want, save it, generate quadtree and whatnot so you can properly see your map ingame. 3. Create a .lub file as seen above. You can also just copy it from what GRF editor shows as preview and edit from there, or use Lua Dec to decrypt from an official one. 4. Just change the numbers as you wish, pick effects, and add the file to your effecttool folder and check it out ingame. Notes: - It is unknown how it picks which emitter effect is affected, but I assume it corresponds with the order of the effect list in browedit. - Missing a comma, etc will cause you to receive an error message ingame and the effects won't show. - As mentioned previously, this guide only details how to work with EF_EMITTER. "EffectToolUtil.lub" and "effectfunc.lub" indicates other effects can be worked with, such as 1025 (EF_MAGIC_FLOOR) and 1039 (EF_EVILS_PAW), and regular effects, but I couldn't get these to work. - Z axis in this file works the same way as Browedit (and water heights), where negative numbers raises the height while negative numbers decreases them. - Images are flipped vertically. It's not possible to flip them back via effecttool, so effects like "heart_1.bmp" must be flipped manually and saved to GRF that way (with a different name so as not to mess up other effects). Screenshot isn't as compelling as a GIF, but here's an example of what you can do with the first example in the hidden spoiler above. Let me know if any information provided here is incorrect or if there's anything I missed, etc, so that I may fix it. And, if someone figures out how to use the other effects, a general guide to using them would be appreciated so that others may use them too!
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    Community Changes 2019

    Great to see these new features! Also the dark theme is looking nice, I'll probably stick to it from now on
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    Version 2.0.0


    Figured out how to get these alpha channels w/ tga files to work.... dont ask me how if you dont know how to use photoshop You can easily change the color just by picking any texture and changing the hue/saturation and re saving it this is my browedit : newyork/newyork\glassblue.tga|newyork\glassblue.tga newyork/newyork\glassgreen.tga|newyork\glassgreen.tga newyork/newyork\glassyellow.tga|newyork\glassyellow.tga newyork/newyork\glasspink.tga|newyork\glasspink.tga newyork/newyork\glassred.tga|newyork\glassred.tga RO/newyork/glassblue|data\model\newyork\glassblue.rsm RO/newyork/glassgreen|data\model\newyork\glassgreen.rsm RO/newyork/glassyellow|data\model\newyork\glassyellow.rsm RO/newyork/glassred|data\model\newyork\glassred.rsm RO/newyork/glasspink|data\model\newyork\glasspink.rsm