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    with money lol also dont make them admins in game and stricly dev in discord chat / quick assistance what are you looking for in your server though cause you might kill some body you know how easy it is to ruin someones src without them knowing ?
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    my grf for editting

    Version 1.0.0


    I went and decompiled some current 2019 grf stuff and doesnt seem like anything important is missing I removed duplicates that I had and it should all be working fine in case anyone needs this or wants to look theres over, I do have my own entries but you can remove them
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    Sorry, I don't know. But if you already have Gepard shield. Let try to contact who sells Gepard for you to ask how to config because possibility to set limit of active game windows is a basic feature on Gepard shield. Good luck
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    =General *Increased the MAX_QUEST_DB to 4000 to support all the latest and future entry's -in the quest database. =Database *Added emoticon entrys to the const file. *Added tons of new entry's to the quest database. -This is basicly the entire database replaced with rAthena's quest database. -I only removed the unused columns. They will be added in on a later update once -support for them is completed. This does not mean these new quests are playable -yet as I still need to add their NPC scripts in. =Skills *RK_SONICWAVE *RK_HUNDREDSPEAR *RK_IGNITIONBREAK -Fixed a issue where having a base level below 100 would break the damage.
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    [WIP] dDelays

    Hello Community, This Post is just to let you guys know what I am working at xD What is dDelays? You should have heard about Delays hack by editing out grf or whatsoever method.. This will make the delays hardcoded and will not be able to use those hacks. Works with Emulator: Hercules(Semi-Plugin?) rAthena(Don't Ask for it and I shouldn't care, 1 week and my service thread not yet approved.) Any Other Emulator(Just Ask for it) Finally, This might not be free release as always, but a paid one.