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    Hi Everyone, Good day. It has been a long vacation for me since I played RO and even setup my server using eathena, then 3CEAM (rytech's), then rathena and then herc. At some point I was using Judas' services also. Main point, after my 2011 server (tinyro.com) I went into work frenzy until I no longer have time for RO due to work and family. And now after a decade of inactivity, I am posting this particular share that may help other players or maybe only those people who experienced and maybe a lover of jikari patcher like me. jikari-cube_guide.pdf Jikari-Cube.zip if ever this is on the wrong section, will it be possible to transfer this and keep the files for knowledge sake and possible future use thanks
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    NPC Syntax Highligh for Notepad++

    If you want you can use mine, I use it with white BG, also converted all hercules commands/maps/constants not so long ago. https://www.mediafire.com/?651l534mjmdlec3 (It doesn't let me attach xml files, so >.> ) Example
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