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    Things to know as server owner

    If you don't know how to independently operate everything, you're not supposed to open a server. You'll just end up like most of the server owners in the Philippines, who are popping out like mushrooms because of the income they can generate and disappears in a month. I'm sure most server owners will deny it, but you can easily tell what motivates them just by viewing their donation shop and patch notes. Running a server requires competence, patience, and consistency. These 3 values are important for a server to survive its 1st year. This is based on my own experience in SolaceRO. Final advice: Knowing how to 'program' will not make you a good server owner. Acquire some experience first; join someone else's server as a co-developer.
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    @storage and @refresh

    Im really having a problem when I open the storage using @storage and then use @refresh. My character will be stuck. How can I put a check if storage is open and @refresh command cannot be used. There will be a message saying "Please close your storage first before using @refresh". Thanks!
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    Kuya Jeo

    Regarding Cash Foods

    Adding Delay on the item is the best way to used it one at a time example is something like this Before : { Id: 12041 AegisName: "Str_Dish01" Name: "Fried Grasshopper Legs" Type: "IT_HEALING" Buy: 2000 Weight: 60 BuyingStore: true Script: <" sc_start SC_FOOD_STR,1200000,1; percentheal 5,0; "> }, After : { Id: 12041 AegisName: "Str_Dish01" Name: "Fried Grasshopper Legs" Type: "IT_HEALING" Buy: 2000 Delay: 1800000 Weight: 60 BuyingStore: true Script: <" sc_start SC_FOOD_STR,1200000,1; percentheal 5,0; "> }, Item Delay : 30 minutes
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    New life for RO

    Hello. I know that much time has passed, but for now i'm getting back on the client. Soon aesir.perfontain.ru will be shut down, so, please, stay tuned on aesir.perfontain.cc Thanks for your support ! @banhelba2019For sure, any type of effect you can implement.
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    Things to know as server owner

    Everything you need to know is in Herc and rAthena forums. Also, you'll get a faster response in the Discord channel should you have technical questions. Good luck!
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    Things to know as server owner

    thanks for the input.. im following your tips and currently developing everything on the offline server. maybe ill give myself time and if I can learn everything, i will be the server/developer as well. Cheers*
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    Things to know as server owner

    Most of the cases. But not only the developer sometimes the owner take advantage of developers works. Most of the private server modified their setup from /conf/battle such as custom drop rates / exp rates / other modification. Item implementation and also custom NPC's. If there's some scam reports, hacking incidents and other things Yes. Or if you are watching your GM activities too. You can hire a developer depends on what you need. If you know how to setup the server then you don't need to give them an access. a.) Your developer will only send you the script/src/files you asked. And you are the one who will install it to the server. b.) If you hire a developer and you have 0% knowledge then there's a chance that your question #1 will happen. Yes, they do have access. Just a tip. Do not host your server to any RO-hosting, pick something like popular one. Digitalhosting, OVH, Usdedicated or NFOserver This is very tricky. If your server is doing fine without getting DDoS you can just host it 4-8gb Ram server and cheap hosting but good speed such as nfoserver and digitalhosting. Server host: around 20-200$ again depends on what your server need. Website host/forum: 5~20$ this is pretty much the same. You can buy a monthly web hosting or yearly (for cheaper price). Gameguard: Gepard shield. 150$ for basic Gepard Shield. functor also offers some addons such as aura/color nick and lgp. Developer: depends on the agreement. Advertisements: Depends on how big the server you want to be. ------------------------------------- Good tips.
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    Things to know as server owner

    If you are a totally newbie and plan to open a server with that population, please reconsider. Your players will get disappointed with your knowledge. As a starter you may practice on your own offline server , when you are confident enough on your knowledge, publish a server for your friends and it will help you to gain experience. Later you can publish a small server to gain management experience. Eventually you may try to open a server for big population which requires enormous money, knowledge, experience, passion and dedication.
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    Skill Cooldown

    Hello, Is it possible to remove all of the character's skill cooldown after talking to an NPC? For example, if the Warlock's Comet skill is on cooldown, if he talk to the NPC, the cooldown will be removed and can be casted again? Thanks
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    Problem with HP bars (Again)

    @Daraen ahh sorry, as of now, at default guardians are considered as MVP/boss monsters that's why at default it will not show hp bar. But when config for enabling the HP bar for MVP is enabled, guardians will show HP bar as well. There is no way to differentiate guardians as of now, either they're boss or normal monsters. I have tried to make a pull request: I don't know if this is the right fix for this, waiting for the other developers say about it. But I have tested this pull request on my test server and it should work with config: With config 5, all monsters & MVP will show HP bar except for Emperium and WOE Guardians and if ever i have missed any monsters (guardians) you could simply add Guardian:true in their modes and do @reloadmobdb
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    No more Work in Progress, Please report if there are any bug Download: 1.0a [Complete] plugin What is `@packetfilter` ? `@packetfilter` is a custom mod originate from eamod https://github.com/zephyrus-cr/eamod/blob/master/Servers/rAthena/conf/groups.conf#L418-L422 it can actually reduce lag on your live server during woe depends on how many players activate it it totally depends on the player's side, community effort that every player should together turn on the `@packetfilter` to reduce massive lag during woe this modification is actually very famous and there are members willingly to pay for it https://rathena.org/board/topic/121200-packetfilter-battleinfo/ https://rathena.org/board/topic/123203-battleinfo-packetfilter/ https://rathena.org/board/topic/111797-packetfilter-zepyhrus-ramod/ https://rathena.org/board/topic/79995-buy-noactnodelay-partybuff-src-as-it-was-on-pro-ro-or-packetfilter/ this `@packetfilter` is unlike the one you are having, or that is circulating on rathena forum this one has been written entirely from scratch and added some other flags that the original don't for example, `@packetfilter COHM EOHM` allow block normal chat and emotion from non-related players, pets, homunculus and monsters but this doesn't block normal chat from party/guild members a full list of flags are C = ignore normal Chat, including Dancer's scream, Bard's frost joke, and pet's talk (pet start to talk when intimacy > 900) E = ignore emotion, including monster and pet emotion (but NOT pet performance) I = ignore Item use effect A = ignore normal Attack animation (based on receiving side), your own attack animation are always shown B = Buffing skill animations (based on receiving side), your own casting animation are always shown S = Status effect T = offensive single Target skill/spell animations (based on receiving side), your own casting animation are always shown G = Ground based skills (eg:storm gust), your own casting animation are always shown M = Music dance/songs from Bard/Dancer D = Direction. Recommend filter on Party/Guild type and not enemies. Highly Recommend for supportive type Class. after the Main type, also support additional flags S = Self P = Party G = Guild B = Battleground C = Clan O = Other players, none of the above H = Homunculus/pets/elementals/mercenary and player's @summon M = Monsters Why This plugin doesn't block Kaite or Energy Coat ? 2 reasons No.1 - currently there is a bug with plugin, struct packet_spawn_unit *p = (struct packet_spawn_unit*)RBUFP(buf, 0); this line will throw error on Linux so no choice, maybe I'll make a bug report this bug also has been reported on Dastgir's `@noview` No.2 - just set p->virtue = 0; isn't really blocking the packet this goes against the very principle of this plugin, which is NOT send certain packet to the client OPT3 (including OPT3_KAITE | OPT3_ENERGYCOAT | OPT3_SOULLINK) is part of the idle_unitType, unit_walkingType and spawn_unitType function and blocking those 3 packet entirely is stupid in case you don't understand, look under clif_set_unit_walking and clif_set_unit_idle function inside src\map\clif.c file p.GUID = g_id; p.GEmblemVer = status->get_emblem_id(bl); p.honor = (sd) ? sd->status.manner : 0; // p.virtue = (sc) ? sc->opt3 : 0; <-- change this line p.virtue = 0; p.isPKModeON = (sd && sd->status.karma) ? 1 : 0; p.sex = vd->sex; Note: about [D]irection type packet try add a ShowDebug inside clif->send src/map/clif.c | 1 + 1 file changed, 1 insertion(+) diff --git a/src/map/clif.c b/src/map/clif.c index ab3c4422a..9e245f335 100644 --- a/src/map/clif.c +++ b/src/map/clif.c @@ -450,6 +450,7 @@ static bool clif_send(const void *buf, int len, struct block_list *bl, enum send return true; } +ShowDebug("source:%s buf:0x%x send_target:%d\n", (sd != NULL)? sd->status.name : "NULL", RBUFW(buf, 0), type); switch(type) { case ALL_CLIENT: //All player clients. iter = mapit_getallusers(); you will find 0x9c is being send repeatedly on every attack and every skill cast , getting attack etc this direction update packet isn't just send by Shift-click, but also including all the actions above this packet is very spam-able and I think can be safely block on party/guild/clan/bg flags for supportive class, I also think can block all of them since supportive class doesn't need information from enemies
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    GRF Editor

    File Name: GRF Editor File Submitter: Tokeiburu File Submitted: 20 Jun 2014 File Category: Client Resources ** This program has been orignally uploaded on rAthena; it's been uploaded on Hercules due to multiple requests. If you have suggestions or feedback and you want a quick response, please contact me via rAthena. I will respond on Hercules' forum as well, but it'll take a bit longer . Hey everyone, This is a GRF tool I started to develop for my own personnal use, but I thought I'd share it since I've upgraded the UI. Its primary goal is to be easy to use while offering a wide variety of options and customizations. The software is quite stable and can handle large operations easily. How to install Download the zip archive provided from the download link at the bottom of this description or directly from there : http://www.mediafire.com/?aflylbhblrzpz0h Install the application with GRF Editor Installer.exe; if you are missing a .NET Framework you will be prompted to download it. Once you are done, you can start the program from the link on your desktop. Key features Overall speed is faster (or at least equal) than any GRF tool. Common operations : add, delete, merge, extract, preview, save. Undo and redo for any operation. It can open any GRF file. Clean and very interactive interface. Saving formats supported : 0x200, 0x103 and 0x102 (through the Settings page). Instant filter and search options (example : "map .gat"). File association and context menus integration for .grf, .gpf and .rgz (through the Settings page). Can rebuild separated images into one file easily. Lub decompilation (in beta, but it can decompile almost any lub file so far). Drag and drop (with the ALT key, can be modified in the Settings page). This is a big part of the software; most of the items can be moved around within the application itself or from/to Windows Explorer. Tools Sprite editor : a simple sprite editor with powerful features. Semi-transparent images can be added, you can easily change the order or replace images, etc. This tool can convert images in the wrong type by showing you multiple solutions (merging a new palette, dithering the image by using current palette, using the closest color, and a few more). Grf validation : allows you to validate a GRF with multiple settings. It can detect corrupted GRF entries, invalid sprites, empty files, non-GRF files, duplicate files and a lot more. Flat maps maker : generates flat maps from .gat and .rsw files. Useful to generate WoE maps or to fasten up the loading time. Patch maker : generates a GRF patch based on two different GRFs. Hash viewer : shows the hash code (both CRC32 and MD5) for files. Image converter : converts an image to any format requested (BMP, PNG, JPG, TGA). GrfCL : used to create batch files (.bat) which can automate tasks on GRF files. See the content in GrfCL.rar in the download for more information. This tool can be customized from the sources as well. Palette recolorer : creates new sprites by changing their colors (this tool is now deprecated). Client database editor : allows modifications of the database client files (txt and lua) with easy and simple tools. Work in progress. Grf encryption The encryption feature has been enabled again. It's similar to what it used to be and it has been tested on client versions ranging from 2012-08-01 to 2014-02-05. Some error messages will be displayed if necessary. If you have an issue, copy the error message (with the code, if there's one) and send me the client executable with the cps.dll file generated by GRF Editor. There shouldn't be compatibility issues anymore though! Technical stuff Requires .Net Framework 3.5 (SP1) Client Profile to run (3.5 or more will work as well). Automatically converts file name encoding to their proper values (you can change the encoding). Data virtualization is used as much as possible to preview files, meaning the files aren't completely loaded. Right-clicking an item will bring up the available options with that file. Preview file formats : txt, log, xml, lua, lub, bmp, png, tga, jpp, db, ebm, pal, gnd, rsw, gat, rsm, str, spr, act, imf, fna and wav. Services are "crash ready", meaning that you will be warned about a failed operation and no work will be lost (the application won't close and crash). It tries to continue operating even if it meets unsual conditions. Operations can be cancelled by clicking on the button near the progress bar. The warning level can be changed to avoid messages like "Please select a folder first." When prompted with an error, use Ctrl-C to copy the current dialog's content. Some screenshots! 1) Previewing an act file, while showing the search feature 2) Preview of a model file (rsm) 3) Preview of GrfCL with the MakeGrf command 4) Preview of the Client Database Editor 5) Preview of Grf validation 6) Search feature (press Ctrl-F or Ctrl-H to bring up within a text editor) Sources : http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?7z6hkdag4ayj8rs Got a feedback? I'd gladly hear you out and fix issues you have with the program. If you want new features to be added, don't hesitate to ask! Click here to download this file
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