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  1. Yeah, it is possible, probably not as flexible as the nemo patch, but finding the offset in the client you can set it to what limit you want.
  2. Back in RO now and active. Hope to help those in need if they require my services =)
  3. Available for paid services: drop a message =)

  4. are you using any custom scripts that turn on the weather on prontera, or is this a clean server install?
  5. On your consoles, I don't see any indication of a login attempt, does your DATA.INI and clientinfo.xml look correct?
  6. Seems like it could be src implementation. That client doesn't seem to have the cashshop button, so that would be my guess.
  7. So the point is that if you setup a server with say the server is uae / langtype 19. Only the second server will be applied with the right to left chat. The first server will not have this. Not sure how to get the 1st server to have that behavior.
  8. You can give me a pm break san if you need a bg for hercules that quick, otherwise you can wait for the ExtendedBG Dastgir is putting together =)
  9. Feel free to PM me, and I'll help as much as I can. I've been looking for some new projects to do.
  10. I think all you need is to execute git pull and that should be it. I'm not sure if there are other commands I may be missing
  11. Close to out of ideas. Do you allow multiple clients/windows to connect, as I've seen cases where opened ro windows are still opened in the background even when the user closes it. If you do allow multiple windows, then don't mind this. can you also tell us what client date you're using
  12. some possible things to look at are they running your files in a clean RO folder? could be a graphics driver issue, do they see display options when they launch the ro/opensetup
  13. http://stackoverflow.com/questions/10888391/error-link-fatal-error-lnk1123-failure-during-conversion-to-coff-file-inval This thread explains it. Either by changing the settings or installing the updates for VS2010. Usually this step isn't required if your application is up to date I guess. Also debug/release shouldn't have anything to do with this. Debug / release are what they mean, debug to include debug information in the build, easier for debugging, you get the pdb files and release you get the optimized version, which can make debugging through the code difficult
  14. I like it! It reminds me of those games like tales that spell out the dungeons and towns names when you first arrive there =)
  15. I found that using audacity works best. I used it for mp3's and wavs
  16. Judas

    [Help] Skill Effect

    you can remove them through hex, mainly the spells are using ring_blue, ring_yellow, ring_red, I believe
  17. It doesn't look like it. Before it was driven my image tabs I believe, but now it's driven by the msgstringtable. I don't think there's anything around that
  18. when you disable with hex, I guess you should make sure that you patch to ignore errors
  19. Hey milk, it's been busy with the new year coming up, so my priority on things have been shifting. I've already fixed a good amount of bugs with what we started with, with what you reported with a few remaining so far. Just wanted to let you know that it's not my intention to ignore you.
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