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  1. good day, it seems "Allow spam skills by hotkey by Functor, 4144." is not working.
  2. N e s s

    3rd job npc

    i try it already there is a bug it give me continuous item when i click the npc
  3. N e s s

    3rd job npc

    Sorry, another error. Please change mes "I see you are a " + Class + ","; to mes "I see you are a " + jobname(Class) + ","; ok sir when i get home! thank you sir!
  4. N e s s

    3rd job npc

    ima try this one later sir! thank you!
  5. N e s s

    3rd job npc

    npc that gives 3rd job hat for free. if i click the npc the npc will give the following items if rune knight he/she receive: 5746 15002 2140 2795 warlock: 2795 5753 ranger: 5748 2795 mechanic: 2795 5749 Guillotine: 5755 2795 Archbishop 5747 2795 royal guard 5757 2795 sorcerer 5756 2795 Wanderer(girl) 5758 2795 Maestro(boy) 5751 2795 Geneticist 5752 2795 shadow chaser 2795 5750 6121 6122 sura 5754 2795 thanks in advance!
  6. hey sir i would like to know what is the meaning of these lines: areawarp "izlude",0,0,300,300,"amatsu",200,200; // what is the purpose of "izlude",0,0,300,300? prontera,150,150,0 warp warpkicker 2,2,izlude,150,50 // what is the purspose of 2,2,izlude,150,50?
  7. ill try this one master true zeal!
  8. can someone help me i need: 1. a warp portal will appear in certain coordinate point in prontera (for example in the middle of prontera) (onclock) 2. that warp portal will warp players to a specific map (for example izlude) 3. then after 5 mins all players in that specific map will be sent to their respective save point or specific coordinate point. 4. then the warp portal summoned on the first step will be invisible.
  9. thank you sir it works
  10. sir can you give me an sample script
  11. can someone teach me how to make a box that gives random costume items
  12. how to disable mvp and mini boss card in woe
  13. can GTB card bypass masquerade skills and ninja skills?
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