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  1. You are supposed to use Harmony Version 3.3.12 . to use this patch As Quoted by ossi0110 on First Post of this page So you just need to use the higher and latest version of Harmony, which you can obtain from the Harmony Site Cheers
  2. Thanks a lot for harmony patch @ ossi0110 ! This can really be useful to many. I / We really appreciate it.
  3. Very Beautifull Map! Very elegantly made with a touch of class!
  4. Hi everyone, As Some of you may be aware, the updated kRO RE Client contains a new Izlude Town Map. The Izlude Town Map has been remodelled by Gravity and the NPC and Warp Locations have also been changed to match that new Map, However the Pre-Renewal Branch of Hercules does not support it yet though the Renewal Branch does So for those People who would like to have in in there pre-renewal servers this patch may be essential and Hence am releasing this script that modifies the npc and wraps at Izlude to suit the new Izlude Town Map. new_izlude_pre-re.patch
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