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  1. I still need help on this. I would like to have one row to have the ItemID. if its source modification, can any body point me to the right direction?
  2. I am using this method for premium/vip players. But the base_exp does not take effect unless they do character select. Any tips? EDIT: didnt know you could do ModExp... to make the effect instant.. no documentation about this in scripts.. only on constants.md
  3. ippo20

    Slot Machine

    why I could unzip the download files? some error of zip is invalid.
  4. Hi again, If i leave them blank, it returns errors. But if I put something like this. This happens And is there anyway to reload messages.conf in game without restarting map server?
  5. Thanks Dastgir, I see that part. What I dont get is when it says .37% chance, is it really 37 / 10000 chances to get the item? I only have 5 players in my server, they all have less than 30 lottie pts. but they all have 0.37% to 0.90% chance items, in average. they have 3 less than 1% items for every 30 tries.
  6. yes sir, I tried commenting them and it gave me a bunch of atcommand.c errors, I wish to make it one liner per monster if @mobinfo.
  7. i wanted to modify the information here to just return simple information like Monster: Name, Lvl, HP, Location, and drops. Iteminfo: Name[slot], Type, WhoDrops w/o percent Anyone could guide me where I can modify it? if possible, I want it comppressed so it would not take too much space in the screen.
  8. hello @AnnieRuru, I am having a problem trying to understand the random chance formula, could you enlighten me how it works? Because my players roll a .37% chance box like it is 10% chance.
  9. Nag post ako sa taas ng guide na ginamit ko. you can refer to that. its very helpful.
  10. Checked this, and it is the warg bite status change. I asked Rangers on my server to cast warg bite on me for testing and this show. How do we fix it? Thx
  11. san ka po naguguluhan boss? dip your feet in the waters muna, then pag di kya. ask here. ill help you start.
  12. The best way is to start then imagine what you want. Baby steps lang. 1) Run successfully a precompiled server / or compile a server then run it 2) change drops/exp 3) change item properties/mobs 4) create/modify an NPC 5) create items - by reusing a sprite 6) create items custom by downloading the sprites from here 7.... so on
  13. How do I let the my server/client buy from an equipment NPC by specifying a number? For example: Buying 10 Chains[3] in weapon shop instead of dragging Chains[3] specifying 1, then buy, then click NPC..loop....I would just need to specify 10 and it will allow me to buy 10 chains[3] one time and can proceed with Refining.
  14. Hi @HD Scripts, thank you for this, any idea how to remove the Homonculus auto feed message as well, and also the @Warp "warped" message?
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