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  1. We currently have a rAthena server and we are planning to migrate to Hercules. We need the following: Client side modifications/Client SRC/Script/Plugin developer Proxy/Server Setup Database Migration from rAthena to Hercules. PM me or message here for your pricing and expertise.
  2. Hi Dastgir, kindly pm me your other contact details. I cannot pm you here i am interested in your service. Thanks
  3. Saitama

    WOE Setter

    may i request for a woe setter for hercules with functions set date/time/castle with countdown. thanks!
  4. Saitama

    Skill Icon Delay

    @@Zhao Chow thank you sir, wala na pala way
  5. can anyone help me modify this code to create a monster slave that will follow me through a specified time? for like 1 minute then they will disappear after one minute then you need to summon again. PS: you can include anymonster i'll just edit it but please make it a moving monster. also, they must be aggressive. thanks!
  6. Hello Hercules Community! Sorry for posting it here because i don't know if this would be source,db or client side related. I just want to ask if anyone here know how to add delay on skill icon? what i mean is when you use your skill for example double strafe, the cursor icon will show depending on your internet speed/ping/delay. thank you in advance if anyone knows how to do this.
  7. Saitama

    Skill Icon Delay

    hello mga sir, question lang paano gawing based sa ping/delay ang paglabas ng icon ng skill? gaya ng mga old clients way back 2008. kunyari double strafe pag pinindot dipende sa delay/ping mo kung gano siya katagal magpapakita. salamat if meron dito may idea kung pano gawin
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