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  1. Warning: include(themes/stellar/main/castle_data.php): failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /var/www/html/themes/stellar/main/functions.php on line 10 Warning: include(): Failed opening 'themes/stellar/main/castle_data.php' for inclusion (include_path='lib:.:/usr/share/pear:/usr/share/php') in /var/www/html/themes/stellar/main/functions.php on line 10 anyone able to test this theme again? getting this and yeah, file is not there..
  2. IT_CASH that IT_USABLE doesn't have Cannot stack particular item after using @item or cash_shop, you have to use mergeitem() to allow the item to be stack on your inventory Prompts confirmation window if you want to open use it Has Unique ID Like is there a way, i can make a custom type which can stack directly upon using @item or cash_shop prompts for confirmation
  3. Am I the only one who thinks, discord integration would be awesome since this exist already?
  4. Nice to see NEMO project is forked and being modified for the better... Anyways, is there way to output the log the patches that failed and the step that failed the specific patch? First time using this forked NEMO by patching a 20190530a ragexe client with only recommended patches but somehow 5-7 patches failed which I don't know what step and what patches failed.
  5. Yahallo! ❤️

  6. This depends... if your "Client" is forcing you to use lub instead of lua but wants a lua that is compiled, then use proper luac for it. lua to lub (If data folder has lua514 inside and uses it) luac5.1.4.exe -o FILE.lub FILE.lua lua to lub (If data folder doesn't have lua514 folder inside, meaning it uses /lua files/) luac5.0.2.exe -o FILE.lub FILE.lua
  7. Either Login server isn't running or port 6900 is used by another process. Try to run: netstat -plnt | grep 6900 to check status of port 6900
  8. Repo for Approved and Tested Plugins~
  9. KeiKun

    Customs Folder

    I agree with moving out npc/custom/ to another git repo if a user wants to include that particular git repo to Hercules Repo. It's either unstage files or submodule one.
  10. Hmmm... I guess playing with client will be easier for me~ This image represents that Potte was here
  11. keikun, show me your latest release script, because I still sees you as my student ....

    1. KeiKun



      i haven't done some scripts since i've become busy with SRC



      yet next year.. I should be doing alot since i'll be handling scripts on another project :D

  12. KeiKun


    i don't see why as long as people can create a PR about it and tested by core devs and got merged its fine
  13. I see only one alternative - it's make server-side security by delays for each feature: item usage (potions/gears) & switching delays Skill usage hard delays depens on the animation & aspd & other parameters. Packet Encryption to protect against simple Bots like openkore. Server side protection by delays & etc, it's 80% against all cheats. The main sense it's make cheat software unusable. Client side is very hard to protect, and that is very dangerous and take a lot of time & money. Protection for client must be next: unique algorythm to check current version, size, signatures of the game .exe; Default hash-cheking feature can be bypassed by simple re-sending packet what contain inself a information about hash of the client. That mean, you can protect your .exe against any injections, but someone will make the same clear .exe and will make hash-sums spoofing (fake sending packet from 3rd party application about "real" .exe), and he will use clear .exe + will send to the server hash-sums of the original exe and he will use any cheat software what he want to use. That is very sad. (i know many exaples of that) Rewrite WinApi Hooks to make system-calls to the worked process (application) not real, or to ignore our application. But it's takes a lot of money & time & admin skill. So that mean it's very hard to realease + that is very unstable, because this emulation can be bypassed by disabling or freezing extra dll for exe what contain this functions, or some antivirus or another application will be always give a crash for Ragnarok .exe; Write or apply (i already saw many ways (with sources) windows driver with official signature from Windows to make imposible to unload this driver from system when process is running + some self-protection functions & checks to check is security dll/exe are work or nope, freezed or nope, hided or nope, etc. But this method is very bad, because many people on this planet using pirate software (around 90% in the world), and each operation system from Windows Family have different configurations, pre-installed software, etc. So there is a big risk to get system unusable. GRF Encryption - that can any GM, it's free and easy to make for each server. This is not full information, just a very small part, but the main sense of my message: need to make a server-side protection on the delay part to make unusable any spamming & in game world hacking. * dump ragexe Client create new one from scratch
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