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  1. bakit di ko po ma open ang rathena website? error "This webpage is not available"??
  2. Paturo naman po ng step by step on how to add custom / new maps sa server ko please po salamat
  3. Please teach me how to add custom mobs in my server? I want to add this http://herc.ws/board/topic/7065-king-poring-recolor-first-time-recoloring/ but I don't know how, step by step please newbie here peace.. Thanks!! King Poring mob please teach me how to add this on my server.
  4. How can I edit the monster item drops? for example I want Poring monster item drop will be yggdrasil berry instead of the original loots / drops? Teach me how to edit please noob here sorry
  5. I don't have harmony yet, so Im looking for Harmony but I don't know where to get or buy one, I need someone to install it. Tell me the price of Harmony and installation fee. Message me or reply here please thanks!
  6. ohhhmmyyy that's AWESOMEEEEEE!! yayy thank you so much GmOcean it worked !! :3
  7. ok so where should I supposed to put that script?? should I just copy that and put somewhere? I have no idea where to put the script so I can use that @flooritem please kindly teach me step by step please thank youuuuuuuuu
  8. Thank you sir, but I need a tutorial on how and where to put the script so I can use it, sorry newbie here hehe and do I need to recompile the server?
  9. can I request for @shower command? and please teach me where to paste it to implement this command in my server, step by step please hehe for example: @shower 607 200 - it will drop the item <607> around me for about 10x10 cells so players can pick them
  10. OMG thank you sir it worked!
  11. Good day sir / madam, We are looking for reliable person who can manage and setup our server. We're just newbie here sir, we just want to create a server for fun but we don't have the skills and knowledge to setup our private server. We want our server to have this: Basic server info: Max Level: 255/120 Max Stats: 99 Max ASDP: 196 Main Town: [custom map, we don't have it yet, so how much would it be?] Server Setting: Pre-Renewal EXP Rates: 6k/6k Item Drop Rate: 200x Normal Card: 100% MVP Card: 10% - we want lots of custom items [ our server already has 200+ custom items included on the package we bought, but we need more, we can talk about it later] Server Website we don't know how to manage it lol -vote for us -download links -donate -etc So overall, how much will it cost for your work? Here's our ragnarok hosting info we bought: » 1-300 Player Capacity » Intel Xeon E3-1271v3 3.5GHz » 1 CPU Core » 1024 MB RAM » 100 GB RAID-Protected Storage » 4000 GB Monthly Bandwidth » 1 GB Port Speed » 1 IPv4 Address » CentOS 6 64bit » Full Root Access » KVM Virtualization » 20 GBPS DDoS Protection » Los Angeles, CA (InterNAP) » Nginx/MySQL/PhpMyAdmin » cPanel Web Hosting » Subdomain (*ro.gaming.net) » FluxCP Setup + Theme » Thor Patcher + Theme » Game Lite Client » 300+ Custom Items » Basic NPC Scripts » rAthena / Hercules Emulator
  12. When I point my cursor on my character, the name is placed at the top of my characters head, it should be at the bottom under health bar right? How can I fix this?
  13. Can I request for this kind of script please? 1. When you kill or be killed by another player, there is a chance to drop one of your equip. This will only applicable in Izlude town. 2. I want this kind of script because Im planning to have a farming map [izlude town] with a Mobster mobs summon x30 (respawnable mob) random area in izlude town and It has a chance to drop the item I want [depends on what item i want] If this is possible, please teach me how to setup this or where to put this script? thanks