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  1. That really helped me. Because I couldn't ping those two I've used a VPN (Pingzapper in my case) on the 1st method and it worked. If someone is or will have the same problem (try to ping first), that's how I solve it in my case.
  2. I've download them today and i editted the other post with prints trying method 1 and 2 (since i use windows). And i wasn't pressing any key, it really closes REALLY FAST when it shows the error, I've used windows game bar to capture a video and then use it to get those prints lmao #Translation# Created in: Today, 03/11/2020, 7 hours ago Modified in: Today, 03/11/2020, 7 hours ago Accessed in: Today, 03/11/2020, 26 minutes ago
  3. The first thing i've tried to do is using one of the methods on the site, but is shows the same error and then it closes automatically (that's why i've opened the console to see the error). I'm trying to get a print of the error but it closes way faster than i can print it, i'll try anyway... #EDIT: Got it!
  4. i'm getting http error 404 when trying to download any client, i've download ones before but idk why i'm getting this error now or how to solve it.
  5. There's 3 new guild skills that was implemented on kRO, one of them called Charge Shout - Beating is used by guild members, but how I make guild members able to use guild skills? I've already changed skill_check_condition_castbegin to not check if the source is a guild master but it didn't work, I've checked on other files like map, unit, pc and guild but didn't found where to enable this (or if it's on client-side), anyone knows how to do it?
  6. I applied the lastest pulls that are on the new release (2020-02-09) but i'm getting a error C2233 (Arrays of objects containing zero-sized arrays are illegal) on array items[] in packet_struct.h under struct PACKET_ZC_NPC_EXPANDED_BARTER_OPEN. Anyone got the same error? And know how to solve it?
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