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  1. Hello my friends. I have 2 questions: 1) Can someone share auto events scripts? I crossed the entire forum, but did not find anything working ... 2) Can you help me with pvpladder script? I use this one but he records in himself only death, and does not record kills. https://pastebin.com/0arHcpSz
  2. If i choose in table "name" any format except utf8 it does not create character. Write Permission denied.
  3. Hello all. Help me please. I have create database in phpmyadmin in cp1251_general_ci and added databases logs and main. But phpmyadmin cant see russian language, char name and guild name there such as ïðèâåò. What can i do with this? I need russian language.
  4. Hello friends. Can anyone help with an automatic payment system? For resources such as webmoney and qiwi? For Fluxcp.
  5. Help me please with NPC which can for zeny change group_id of player who use it. It is for buying premium account. I can find only such, but it is gives premium and not changes group_id: - script VIPServiceLogin -1,{ OnPCLoginEvent: if(#VIPSERVICE == 1 && VIP_Lasttime + $VIP_Cooldown > gettimetick(2) && VIP_Lasttime < gettimetick(2)) { dispbottom "Your VIP service is active!"; sc_start SC_EXPBOOST,86400,50; sc_start SC_ITEMBOOST,86400,200; end; } } prontera,108,112,4 script VIP Service 54,{ // Configs // // set .itemID, 7539; // Set this number to the VIP ticket // set $VIP_Cooldown,86400; // // // 2592000 is the amount of milliseconds in 30 days. // So the VIP ticket will last exactly 30 days. // // When a player logs in on any char on the account, they will get an item / exp drop rate buff. // The buff lasts 24 hours, but it is given every single time they login, so it will never run out until the 30 days are up. // // After giving in a VIP ticket, the player can talk to the NPC to see how much longer they have till the 30 days are over. // // if(#VIPSERVICE == 1 && VIP_Lasttime + $VIP_Cooldown > gettimetick(2) && VIP_Lasttime < gettimetick(2)) { set [email protected],VIP_Lasttime + $VIP_Cooldown - gettimetick(2); set [email protected],[email protected] / 60 / 60 / 24; set [email protected],[email protected] / 60 / 60 % 60; set [email protected],[email protected] / 60 % 60; set [email protected],[email protected] % 60; mes "You have: "; mes ""[email protected]+" days "[email protected]+" hours "[email protected]+" minutes "[email protected]+" seconds"; mes "in your VIP service remaining."; close; } mes "Hello!"; mes "Would you like to redeem your VIP Service ticket?"; switch(select("Yes!:No.")) { case 1: if (countitem(.itemID) > 0) { delitem .itemID,1; set #VIPSERVICE,1; mes "Congrats, you now have VIP service!"; mes "You must relog for it to take effect."; set VIP_Lasttime,gettimetick(2); close; } else { mes "You do not have a VIP ticket!"; mes "Come back when you get one."; close; } case 2: mes "Very well, I shall be here if you change your mind."; close; } }
  6. Centos Help please with this: ALready do such commands as in picture Solved....
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