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  1. For example, I want to install find a npc like this: { "alberta", --> Map 10146, 101, 766, --> SpriteID NPC "Pet Exchange Trader", --> NPC Name 179, --> x 141 --> y }, I do not understand what this number means? 10146, 101, Can you explain it to me? thanks in advance
  2. I hope to know how to add navigation to find custom npc in maps? Please,help...
  3. It will be Perfect if you can make all map of Novice Training Grounds @w0wZukuBg i think...
  4. I have problem with langtype 15 - Vietnames... http:// How to fix it? thanks
  5. As above... My scleintinfo.xml My lua file... G:\Ragnarok Offline\Ultra BeastRO\A.UBRO\luafiles514\lua files\service_vietnam\ExternalSettings_vn.lub G:\Ragnarok Offline\Ultra BeastRO\A.UBRO\luafiles514\lua files\service_vietnam\ExternalSettings_vn_sak.lub but it won't work,i don't know where i'm wrong http:// ....Please show me how to fix it? http://
  6. I don't see any error map-sever/login-server/char-server...Maybe probem with lua file.Attendance needed to lua file?
  7. http://imgurl I have problem with it!!Do not know what I lack?
  8. If I were to please show me how to add items for it,okay?
  9. i can't understand... Can you explain it better?
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