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  1. Resave the maps using browedit rev 586, usually this fix most of those issues.
  2. Hello friend, the issue is because you have yellow area (means empty area) at the edges of the texture of the map. Since it is a sky map, please, use magenta color (#ff00ff) as a texture and fill the yellow areas in browedit with this texture. The issue should be fixed. Good luck
  3. Revision 279 added. (2014-08-28_browedit_20_rev-279.rar) Development highlights: [*]Major Update: Mirror or Simmetry at object edit mode: allows to mirror complete maps at the RSW file. Useful for simmetry maps. Experimental for now. (press M to simmetry) [*]Major Update: Bug reporting: Extension, once you have a crash, a crashlog can be send to borf by mail. [*]Major Update: Height edit mode: Initial work at this mode. Left click to select an amount of tiles, right click and drag to add height or decrease it. Look for the radial menu (spacebar) to find the "height edit tools option" and disable the smoothness at heights. [*]General bugs fixed and clean ups. Link: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/uy06b3ds5r80gcb/AAAUNcW0YltlirAdan00EZvPa All development credits to Borf. Screenshots:
  4. @Eiphes Hi I dont know if you are posting at the other thread, or there is another guy with the same problem at rA, let me know to post at only one place, /me is confused. Regarding the problem, I'm going to ask borf about it today, also, someone posted a SS with the console output. This is kinda like the rendering is not working, and you miss all, which is weird.
  5. Revision 272 added. (2014-08-21_browedit_20_rev-272.rar) Development highlights: [*]Major Update: GND, RSW, GAT, Saving (experimental) needs to confirm quadtree [*]Major Update: Height or Ground edit mode under progress [*]Major Update: debugging tool "rsw2json" helps to debug browedit more efficiently [*]Major Update: Water rendering (check screenshots) [*]Cool gradient in window background, makes it look like a 2014 design software imo [*]Undo (ctrl+z) for texture edite mode and object edit mode for now. [*]New movement arrow tools based in 3D enviroment for rotating, scaling, and moving. (look spoiler screenshots) [*]Quadtree generator implemented and improved (experimental for now, use "Q" hotkey to test) [*]Model properties window is working better now by fixing some small crashes Link: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/uy06b3ds5r80gcb/AAAUNcW0YltlirAdan00EZvPa All development credits to Borf. Screenshots:
  6. Thats because you are really close to the "yellow" area in browedit. You have to allways avoid to allow people to walk to the -end edges- of a map to avoid having that bug. What you can do: - Copy all your map to a new bigger map using global height edit mode. Fill the yellow remaining area with a black texture. You'll have to remake gat tiles, since they are not copied like everything else.
  7. Oh well, I pretty know about that I think from 2011 or 2012+ clients, there is a very present lag if you saturate your map with a high amount of models, or, a high amount of high polygonal models. Yea in loading time and camera rotation mostly as you said. It is always good to keep an eye of the amount of models used and the amount of faces you use in low poly models. KRO by default has a very close camera, and this is the reason the issue I said is not present at some of their maps. Regarding the effects, there is lag only if you really spam a map with effects.
  8. I think I fixed those there are still pictures that cannot view, 6 of them. from last. Try to update or clean your browser maybe I think, maybe old data is still there. Sorry about the problems Edit!: my bad, is okay sorry I didnt remove the old SS links at the topic
  9. Thank you!, btw does screenshots works for you? someone told me they dont appear o-o
  10. Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/OlroxMaps 1. Concept Hi I did some time to show some work I did I'm sure some people were wondering where I was? well, very busy xD but alive and healthy, which counts The sketch. The idea was to create a recreational area for parties, inspired as a pirate area in the past, but reworked as a recreational area for parties, this map is going to be used as an event of an end-season of Summer of this server. The map has multiple areas like: a place for drinks, a dance area, an open beach area, volcano hot springs, bar, break water area, etc. 2. Features New features on this map: [*]I tried to focuss at small details. Thanks by a new way of working, I can invest more hours efficiently in a map from now. [*]Effects were used to give the feeling of a party area. [*]A huge volcano was created from scratch. Textures were made to simulate ash, and lights to make the crater. This volcano has some hotsprings were players can have fun [*]Some crow nests are placed near the dance area, to allow Game Masters, to watch the entire fun at a high altitude. 3. Video *watch in HD 1080p* Please I suggest you to watch the video. This map comes with animation or effects that you can't see on SS. 4. Screenshots Comments are always apreciated. Thank you in advance
  11. Those are really nice words :3 thanks Oh yea, there is a lot of progress with browedit 2, but xD now I'm the lazy one. I have been really busy like never, that I didnt had time to update the revisions that borf did, at this thread. But I'm going to do it this weekend I promise. There are new cool features like saving, quadtree, terrain edit mode, and new tools!
  12. If everything was okay then the wall would look fine btw I still remember that 1 star rating as also, how you used maps of me for your "project". Hope someone else can help you, but not me.
  13. oh wow haha didn't notice that someone did a topic for this Thanks a lot to everyone! I had some fun with friends and family these days, kinda like the best birthday I had so far