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  1. OBB - Old Blue Box and OPB - Old Purple Box > My question is how can I control or restrict the item using this OBB and PB? Because one of my players randomly get the donation item using the OBB and OPB.
  2. iwarez

    Guild Pack

    Is anyone can share there own custom guild pack script? I also want to know what is the process of your guild pack. I don't have any idea on this. Thank you in advance
  3. @@mrlongshen - thank you. I already using the themes from rAthena
  4. @@mrlongshen - noted on this. thank you. Will try to do it now.
  5. In rAthena there's so much themes other than in hercules. Is the themes in rAthena compatible in Hercules flux CP?
  6. Hello guys, can you give me idea how to use the FluxCP rAthena version into FluxCP hercules?
  7. I think I downloaded this in github. I just don't know when [Info]: Hercules 64-bit for Linux[Info]: Exported revision (src): ''[Info]: Exported revision (scripts): 'Unknown'[Info]: OS version: 'CentOS release 6.7 (Final) [x86_64]'
  8. Maybe check the SC? @@AnnieRuru - what is the next step I need to do after compiling the change and running it? Sorry I'm just a newbie with the source. @@Frost - Yes the Hercules I am using now is clean. Is there another for me to check the revision of my Hercules, I tried to run the hercules but the revision is blank.
  9. @@AnnieRuru What do you mean try to debug the value? Can you give me an idea how to do it? Thank you
  10. iwarez

    Script Truncate

    I just put the mes "test", to see if the script will run. Thank very much for the help @@AnnieRuru. Already fixed the problem as you said I changed it to announce "test", bc_all;
  11. iwarez

    FluxCP Themes

    @@mrlongshen - Thank you for the reply, will try to check the download section
  12. iwarez

    Script Truncate

    I am having a trouble with my script to reset data in the table. I don't know exactly why this script doesn't work. Can someone help me with my problem. Thank you in advance Script: npc/custom/myro/refreshdailyreward.txt - script resetter -1,{OnClock0025:mes "test";query_sql("TRUNCATE `dailyreward`"); end;} already calling the script in my scripts_custom.conf npc: npc/custom/myro/refreshdailyreward.txt
  13. iwarez

    FluxCP Themes

    Is anybody want to share FluxCP Themes. Thank you very much for those who can share they're themes.
  14. Can you post a Screen shot before and after you use these items? I can't reproduce it. @@Frost as requested - below are the screenshot. anyways thank you for helping me on this problem BEFORE AWAKENING AND CONCENTRATION AFTER AWAKENING AFTER CONCENTRATION
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