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  1. @Jman You are still working on it! Great. Please update this post with news I just discovered it and it seems a very nice and useful tool. I promise you that soon I will try it and give feedback. Good work!
  2. Any News about it? I just up another topic about this... because I am allure about it.
  3. I want to revive this topic because I have the same question right now. Does anyone know anything about the SNS to make Twitter UI function fully working in Client -CTRL+S (?)- ???
  4. Immature player <- That is a BIG reason in my case too. (But being admin with immature players is worst)
  5. Low rates <8x in pre-renewal. Low rates <4x in renewal
  6. I want you to read this post about RO that someone shared with me on twitter few weeks ago : http://treeofsaviorgame.com/general/375/reasons-why-ragnarok-online-failed/ Once read, what do you think? Are you agree with those reasons? Please comment --------------------------- IMO, I don't think that Renewal was the nail in the coffin for RO. But I don't really know if Renewal was an update to support the Kafra Shop and make players to spend real money. I don't think either that the last paragraph about hacking is correct. Does anyone have more information about it and wants to share?
  7. Con DobleClick encima del tab no te permite cambiar el nombre?
  8. For me, those custom script are only good/used as a quick function reference when doing my own scripts, so... purge all
  9. Did you changed the floor and forget to recalculate lightmaps?
  10. Data from RateMyServer... Clown Alphoccio Card [Armor] Item ID# 4560 (Clown_Alphoccio_Card) { skill "BA_POEMBRAGI",10; bonus bFlee,(readparam(bVit)>=110)?40:20; },{},{}
  11. I also think that this is necessary. But yes, keep in mind that the shortest is the best. (I prefer not to use the ^000000, it is kinda chaotic when you have a lot of different colors :/)
  12. That would be a good idea verbose mode FTW!
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