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  1. Dear all, I've got noitem and charm plugin working on my server. The problem that I face now is that, noitem doesn't affect stuffs in the ETC tab, therefore I found out that noitem doesn't work with charms. Can anyone tell me how to modify the noitem plugin so that it'll affect charms as well - making it when noitem scans charm in one's inventory, it'll nullify any effect that the charm(s) give? Anyone who is able to help me with this I'll offer $20. Thanks!
  2. Try this: http://herc.ws/board/topic/996-customize-shop-and-cashshop-npc-using-character-based-or-account-based-variable/
  3. Hi guys n gals, I've recently just upgraded my server to the latest Herc and I noticed there are many changes made, one of which to the skill_db. In the past I was able to define quite accurately how to remove aftercastdelays, modify them, etc. Now I have this problem when a skill is casted, I cannot cast any other skills until that cooldown timer is gone. I've tried modifying a lot of values and I couldn't seem to get them to work. How do I go about it, to make it still being able to cast with the timer still ticking in the background? What should I change? Thanks a lot.
  4. Isn't the moving Emperium thing customizable in the mob_db2? CanMove: true/false Aggressive: true/false CanAttack: true/false
  5. *Sigh* http://herc.ws/board/topic/13146-guide-create-your-server-client-201608/
  6. Lance, you tried this? https://github.com/dastgir/HPM-Plugins/blob/master/src/plugins/afk.c Works for me, latest Herc as well.
  7. Use the maps in Kubix's topic, recompile ur mapcache, and it worked for me.
  8. You need to compile it then also enable the Extended Vending feature in the feature.conf file.
  9. anyone has a raw/file of this script? Just copy the text above and... - press the Enter key after ; - press the Tab key for contents within the { } brackets I believe you need to first at least understand the logic of scripting before you try applying some.
  10. Yes Kusan, I was using that too on my current server, which is running on an old emulator. Unfortunately this plugin hasn't been updated since.
  11. Thank you Asheraf. I've tested it further with the help from Ridley and it seems that it's not working on certain maps only. It's not working on guild_vs1 -> guild_vs5 maps. Wonder if there's a fix for this...
  12. It's funny encountering this problem: I've done the following: guild_vs3<tab>mapflag zone<tab>Arena ...in my script and in the map_zone_db.conf... { name: "Arena" disabled_commands: { storage: 99 guildstorage: 99 warp: 99 jump: 99 go: 99 save: 99 memo: 99 } disabled_items: { Solar_Sword: true ID1136: true } } But my char can still equip Solar Sword. Can you please advice me where/what I did wrong? Thanks a lot!
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