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  1. --Overview---Hosted in France-Base: Episode 13.2 (Brasilis Modified) -Max Level: 99 -Max Job: 70 -Max Stats: 99 -Aspd Max: 190-Normal monsters: 15/15/5 with min drop to 0.1%-Battleground Opening 22/03/2019 20h (Paris UTC+1) FoY is a server created with the main idea to let player having fun actually playing the game.You like to follow a story? We have a main story splitted in 9 quests : find the 9 fragments of Yggdrasil.Not enough? Nearly all the quests on the server are story driven ! Not just a simple npc with a list of hat, the whole world is alive !You want to PvP but are bored by the farming phase? With the seasonal events, we'll regulary give you new and funnier method to farm your consommables. Every 3-4 weeks a thematic event will be set up, adding quests and / or events and / or mechanisms and / or instances. You will earn specific coins of the event that you can spend for hats, a lottery and your consumables.You're bored of just killing the same monster to exp and want to travel? We encourage you to discover all the quests over Midgard that reward you with experience and fancy hats.You like to have a unique skin? Every hat can be crafted into a costume one, and a lot of fancy custom hat are waiting for you.Meh, bosses on this game are too easy... Don't worry, we made a high end custom phased boss. Not absurdly hard with a spell that just wipe out your party. You'll face some events during the fight that will force you to cooperate !Not convinced ? Fragments of Yggdrasil is also : A team that worked since the end of 2018 to be ready for you A client protected with gepard Already more than 250 players on the discord Bg with eAmod A community following the project since the beginning A totally new custom area to explore @lgp command integrated for better readability of woe A willingness to push the possibilities of the game to offer you the most fun experience possible And much more! To learn more or join us: https://f-o-y.eu/index.phpTo chat with us: https://discord.gg/kHfrkYG
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