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  1. First of all welcome back Annie! The status changes I'm saying was the buffs itself, so when the buff is applied, you could see the [BASFD] added strings + character name in the chat box. right click to 1:1 whispering is client side thingy I guess - if you use only the party window side, it uses the [BASFD] + character name but if you just right click on the character itself, it uses the character name only. It seems that it uses the character name displayed in the window.
  2. Sorry for the late reply, I've been very busy in the past few weeks. I have updated the plugin. Please try.
  3. That's alright, take small steps and learn. Even me is still learning from time to time. Learn how the scripts and codes works and you can do it as well. If you're gonna do it yourself, try looking on PVP scripts and addons. See how pvp sql stores in scripts and retrieves values thru addons.
  4. There are referral scripts before lurking here or in rathena that can be used in game. If the script stores values thru SQL, you can code your own add on to integrate it with fluxcp
  5. Yes that's possible. I've seen this system before, referral system for fluxcp but it's not free.
  6. The last part of your mob_skill db conf seems lacking End part should be: } ) Yours is only: ) The last } in your code is to close the monster entry
  7. Script files you have edited and custom ones. Source files if you have customized some or plugins if you added some. SQL Backup - mysqldump make hourly backup + daily backup
  8. https://github.com/HerculesWS/Hercules/blob/stable/doc/sample/npc_extend_shop.txt#L213
  9. I tried to convert my pull request to disable hp bar on MvP and Emperium into a plugin hidemobhpbar
  10. Hello everyone! Just like to release this newly made mapflag I tried to create via plugin. nobanknorodex
  11. did you do @reloadmobdb? and any error in map server?
  12. Samuel

    KOE add schedule

    @meruem you just need to add + OnClock0800 for example, not the whole L_start and L_end label And don't do 1855 start then 1856 end, 1 min event?
  13. did you recompile your emulator to use your client date?
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