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  1. @4144 But using that method will alter main files instead of using the import section Unlike before where we put all the custom config in the import folder.. or i'm missing sumthng in using this new conf files
  2. Sorry for bringing this topic back.. But it seems that the main and log sql should be in one database as of now??
  3. Maybe someone can share on how to manual diff clients? So we could update nemo ourselves.
  4. Tried it already.. but some of the most important diff like packets ang sso login were not working
  5. Thanks for the clients! But how do you diff 2017 clients now? NEMO Patcher seems outdated for them.. Thanks!
  6. Thanks Dastgir! But how do you diff new clients now? Nemo seems not updated anymore
  7. When you enable packet ob, you need to diff your client with the keys for that client which you can look in src/map/packets.h
  8. Made a pull request for this to fix this.. LINK
  9. Have you tried using this diff made by dastgir. LINK you can manually use that patch to enable your server/emulator capture mac address.. Well the patch is originally made to work w/ clients who uses a launcher to get the mac address.. Well, I've been looking forward to your project..
  10. Did you configure your emulator to get mac address? Did you attached your dll file to be loaded by the client in order to get mac as well?
  11. @Luffy Did you try this script in your herc server? Tried checking this script with the script checker and didn't find any error. What problem is you facing?
  12. Waiting for someone to message you on how to replicate the bug might take some time.. Maybe it would be much easier if you will post how to do it and others can help you with this.
  13. I think you can use the search button for this... Here is one i think you could use LINK
  14. @ZelosAvalon try using grf file provided by Ridley here.
  15. Back again.. My laptop gave up on me.. now it's working again.. most of the time, i'm just peeking through mobile phone.. Well will try to help as soon as I can.. Will setup my test server again..
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