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  1. Hello everyone! Been busy for a while, anyway I just want to show this newest plugin I tried to create for hercules emulator. MVP Death Timer Created a video: Have a great day everyone!
  2. @gantz @Promeister this drop effect is already in hercules emulator, it could be set in the itemdb.conf I just made a plugin to integrate the drop effect with item options wherein the effect will depend on the item options that the item has like in Diablo :)
  3. I think you need python to use this: https://github.com/HerculesWS/Hercules/blob/stable/tools/mobskilldbconverter.py
  4. as you're using PRE-RE, you need to configure it in your db/pre-re/refine_db.conf /************************************************************************** ************* Entry structure ******************************************** ************************************************************************** Armors/WeaponLevel1~4: { // Specifies weapon level or armor type. // - For armors, values of 100 add 1 armor defense. // - For weapons, values of 100 add 1 ATK & MATK. StatsPerLevel: (int) // This value is applied for ever level. RandomBonusStartLevel: (int) // This value specifies the start point for those levels that give a random bonus value (usually the first unsafe upgrade). // - RandomBonusStartLevel is only applied for weapons, and not displayed client-side. RandomBonusValue: (int) // A random number between 0 and (Random bonus start level - Upgrade level + 1) * this value is applied for all upgrades past. RefineryUISettings: ( { Level: (int or array of int) // Holds either the individual refine level meant for this setting or an array defining a range of Low to Max level BlacksmithBlessing: (int) (optional) // How many Blacksmith Blessing required for this range to be safe from breaking Announce: "(string)" (optional) // Sends an announcement server wide when a player reach this refine level using Refinery UI, this feature is only available starting from 2017-08-30 RagexeRE or 2017-09-06 Ragexe the field accepts the following values and it defaults to not announce Success to set the announcement on item refine successful Failure to set the announcement on item refine failure Always to always announce it Items: { AegisName: { Type: "(string)" // The type to determine the chances used for this item, REFINE_CHANCE_TYPE_* constants are used in here Cost: (int) (optional) // Amount of zeny required FailureBehavior: "(string)" (optional) // The expected behavior on failure for this item, the following strings are used in here Destroy (default) sets the item to be destroyed on failure Keep keeps the item after failure Downgrade downgrades the item by one level on failure } } } ) Rates: { // Per level configuration of the refine rates. Lv1~20: { // Lv1 ~ Lv20. NormalChance: (int) // (optional, defaults to 100) Chance of successful refine using normal ores (100 = 100%). EnrichedChance: (int) // (optional, defaults to 100 for weapons below refine level 20, otherwise 0.) Chance of successful refine using enriched ores (100 = 100%). EventNormalChance: (int) // (optional, defaults to 100) Chance of successful refine using normal ores (100 = 100%) during a refine event. EventEnrichedChance: (int) // (optional, defaults to 100 for weapons below refine level 10, otherwise 0.) Chance of successful refine using enriched ores (100 = 100%) during a refine event. Bonus: (int) // (optional, defaults to 0) Bonus (Armor) for this level of refine. } // Note: Refine levels that use default values need not be listed. (Example: Lv1: { NormalChance: 100 Bonus: 0 }) } } **************************************************************************/ Check db/re/refine_db.conf as your reference on how to add
  5. Hmm this is confirmed... As of now, as the skill db is read, if the level for knockback is not written, it doesn't work. in skill_db.conf (either inside pre-re/re) This is the pre-re WZ_JUPITEL Mistress casting a level 28 Jupitel Thunder has no record of KnockBackTiles: which is for Level 28 = no record, no knockback another thing in src/map/skill.h Max skill level is defaulted to 20 thus, a level 28 Jupitel Thunder will be defaulted to level 20, but since there is no record of Lv20: for KnockBackTiles: under WZ_JUPITELTHUNDER, no knockback will be made. If you want to fix your problem (without compiling), simply add Lv20: 7 - number of tiles to be knockback But you need to do that in every monster that you're having problem. Make an issue in github so other developers see it. Rathena made a way to make the last value entry in database to be the value for level that is not included
  6. can't say if it's packet related, i don't have a 2010 client with me i was using a 2019 client for the test and not RE client as well
  7. can't reproduce this are you using latest hercules? and any modifications made in src?
  8. I think I made a plugin of this before, will search in my files
  9. @Daraen ahh sorry, as of now, at default guardians are considered as MVP/boss monsters that's why at default it will not show hp bar. But when config for enabling the HP bar for MVP is enabled, guardians will show HP bar as well. There is no way to differentiate guardians as of now, either they're boss or normal monsters. I have tried to make a pull request: I don't know if this is the right fix for this, waiting for the other developers say about it. But I have tested this pull request on my test server and it should work with config: With config 5, all monsters & MVP will show HP bar except for Emperium and WOE Guardians and if ever i have missed any monsters (guardians) you could simply add Guardian:true in their modes and do @reloadmobdb
  10. How did you spawn your guardian in your test? // Display some mob info next to their name? (Note 3) // (does not works on guardian or Emperium) // 1: Display mob HP (Hp/MaxHp format) // 2: Display mob HP (Percent of full life format) // 4: Display mob's level show_mob_info: 0 // Show hp bar on monsters? (Note 3) // NOTE: only works on client 2012-04-04aRagexeRE onwards // 1 = Show hp bar on all monsters except Emperium and MVP // 2 = Enable hp bar on Emperium // 4 = Enable hp bar on MVP // (Default: 1) show_monster_hp_bar: 1 With this setting, emperium, mvp and guardian doesn't show HP bar using fresh hercules emulator. Only normal mobs shows HP bar. // Display some mob info next to their name? (Note 3) // (does not works on guardian or Emperium) // 1: Display mob HP (Hp/MaxHp format) // 2: Display mob HP (Percent of full life format) // 4: Display mob's level show_mob_info: (any value above 1) will work on emperium and guardian as well but still no HP bar @Daraen This following guardians: 1285, 1286, 1287 has this mode: as you can see they have boss mode enabled thus they are considered MVP afaik, but no MVPexp thus no MVP sign when killed. In default, it should not show for this following guardians. The easiest thing is to delete the boss: true in their mode do @reloadmobdb and it should work
  11. First of all welcome back Annie! The status changes I'm saying was the buffs itself, so when the buff is applied, you could see the [BASFD] added strings + character name in the chat box. right click to 1:1 whispering is client side thingy I guess - if you use only the party window side, it uses the [BASFD] + character name but if you just right click on the character itself, it uses the character name only. It seems that it uses the character name displayed in the window.
  12. Sorry for the late reply, I've been very busy in the past few weeks. I have updated the plugin. Please try.
  13. That's alright, take small steps and learn. Even me is still learning from time to time. Learn how the scripts and codes works and you can do it as well. If you're gonna do it yourself, try looking on PVP scripts and addons. See how pvp sql stores in scripts and retrieves values thru addons.
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