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  1. Hi, How to enable crit for double attack? Thanks!
  2. Hi Herc, Requesting for client 2017-02-22 or 2017-04-12RagexeRE Thanks!
  3. You need to update your NEMO patcher via secret's i think it was forked in github. Some of the patches were updated to support 2017. Not sure if who updated it.
  4. 2017 to but 2017-02-22RagexeRE
  5. Hi can you share old client? Regards!
  6. As per the title says, which client is best used for Hercules Emulator to be used in pre-renewal mode? Regards!
  7. Hi, How often does position bugs appear in client? This is where the other player's perspective view doesn't update until you use @refresh or click/attack him. What could be the causes of it? Can it be server-lag? Client hexing? Source-related? -- Is it possible to make the client automatic refresh or send simultaneous update location in the client whenever a player cloaks so that it will be real time to other player? Appreciate feedback. Thanks!
  8. Hi folks, Is this normal? Seems like the client is showing wrong details with regards to the players view if the player is on hide/cloak skill. See attached picture below. 1. Player A (Assassin Cross) attacks player B (High Priest) using Sonic Blow under cloaking skill! Also modified the sonic blow to be only used 1 cell away from the player. If we can notice, player A is almost the same cell with player B BUT At Player B (High Priest) View Perspective, PLAYER A is far away. more than 3 cells. (See attached picture) Is this normal for newer clients? Client used: 2013-08-07Ragexe It seems like there's a delay in the refresh of players in the client? Or is this bug? Regards!
  9. Hi! How to fix the black thing in the alt+q? Regards!
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