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  1. oh really thank you so much....! BTW the drop rate if 100% is no drop i think it's revert case
  2. bonus2 Droprate already been removed in herc git can u make 1 in plugins
  3. annie can u tell me how to put it on an item to activate
  4. why its not working in the script
  5. Item Drop bonus been remove may i request if the item been equip bonus drop will increase like in happy hour i know it is possible using call function to increase drop rate
  6. Still no Help Bonus drop rate in item actually been remove?
  7. ALready try to look at that still no luck
  8. Got error Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /var/www/html/themes/botong-ui/main/alerts.php on line 19 how to fix this
  9. In Rathena in item bonus you can use this bonuses but when i check here in herc i dont see drop bonuses for the item bonus2 bDropAddRace,r,x; Adds x% to player's drop rate when killing a monster with race r. bonus2 bDropAddClass,c,x; Adds x% to player's drop rate when killing a monster with class c. example: Script: <" bonus2 bExpAddRace, RC_All, 15; bonus2 bDropAddRace,RC_All,15;"> Gettings error Uknown pc_bonus2 that's why im looking for the right one 15%exp and 15% droprate
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