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  1. Just Disable Renewal it will automatically 13.2
  2. hope someone update this
  3. like in rathena bonus2 addroprate in costumes i cant see herc have this this is the only thing i dnt like in herc because of item script about bonus drop in item script
  4. oh really thank you so much....! BTW the drop rate if 100% is no drop i think it's revert case
  5. NVM i just add all monster manually
  6. bonus2 Droprate already been removed in herc git can u make 1 in plugins
  7. annie can u tell me how to put it on an item to activate
  8. why its not working in the script
  9. Item Drop bonus been remove may i request if the item been equip bonus drop will increase like in happy hour i know it is possible using call function to increase drop rate
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