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  1. i missed this good friend, haha

  2. hi annie im one of your fan haha, how can i translate this on rathena?
  3. im gonna try this, thanks mate!
  4. What error? Please detail and show what pops up in the map-server. Did you put viewpointmap into your src so your emulator can use the script command? yes , i just experience, once you click the fire without killing 1 monster it will have an error, so basically i always find some monster to kill first to prevent the error in exe
  5. dude what about this , , what is the 6th map? haha its only [email protected]
  6. its fixed now, sorry i forgot to put the resnametable on my map_cache.dat but the problem is got error when i click the Fire
  7. bro i have a question about this i edit the script.c is there anything that i missed? TIA
  8. can anyone still using Internal Guard? even they are down can we still setup it on our server ? or its long dead? just asking thanks ^^
  9. meron po ba kasi naka dload ako ng 3.8 beta 5 kaso di ko ma open kasi internet error daw or dahil sa down na host nila?
  10. cant use this in rathena, you have rathena version please?
  11. no, i mean when it successfully slotting the temporal boots with "Enchant" it will erase the Enchant and it will just a slotted Temporal, what i need is to spare the enchanted stones in temporal, the success will be slotted+ the enchanted stones from before. like in this link https://rathena.org/board/topic/103522-hugins-craftsman-bug/ @@Kubix can you help me with this one bro?
  12. Please help me to this script, how to slot item without losing the enchant in temporal boots , this is the script [cbox] glast_01,208,273,3 script Hugin's Craftsman 726,{ disable_items; if (MaxWeight - Weight < 1000) { mes "Your bag is too heavy. Reduce some weight and come back."; close; } mes "[Hugin's Craftsman]"; mes "That Magic Master always says that enchanting Temporal Boots is the best. But, I think quite different."; next; mes "[Hugin's Craftsman]"; mes "I think putting a slot into the item would be the best. Even with some risk of failing."; next; mes "[Hugin's Craftsman]"; mes "Bring me ^0000FF5 Temporal Crystals^000000, and I will try to put a slot into your advanced Temporal Boots. But, it's possible to ^FF0000fail and break the item^000000. Is that ok?"; next; if (select("Cancel","Take the risk and try to add a slot") == 1) { mes "[Hugin's Craftsman]"; mes "Ok, come back anytime you want."; close; } set [email protected],EQI_SHOES; if (!getequipisequiped([email protected])) { mes "[Hugin's Craftsman]"; mes "Are you sure you are wearing the item?"; close; } set [email protected]_id,getequipid([email protected]); switch ([email protected]_id) { case 22000: //Temporal_Str_Boots case 22001: //Temporal_Int_Boots case 22002: //Temporal_Agi_Boots case 22003: //Temporal_Vit_Boots case 22004: //Temporal_Dex_Boots case 22005: //Temporal_Luk_Boots mes "[Hugin's Craftsman]"; mes "And ^FF0000all enchant or refine rates will be lost if you fail this.^000000"; mes "Still want to risk it?"; next; if (select("Cancel","I am ok with it!") == 1) { mes "[Hugin's Craftsman]"; mes "Ok, come back anytime you want."; close; } mes "[Hugin's Craftsman]"; mes "Once again, ^FF0000That Magic Master won't enchant any item with a slot.^000000"; mes "Still want to proceed?"; next; if (select("Cancel","I understand. Try to slot it.") == 1) { mes "[Hugin's Craftsman]"; mes "Ok, come back anytime you want."; close; } if (countitem(6607) < 5) { mes "[Hugin's Craftsman]"; mes "You must bring ^0000FF5 Temporal Crystal items^000000. Nothing is free you know..."; close; } set [email protected]@random,rand(1,100); if ([email protected]@random <= 80) { //Custom rates mes "[Hugin's Craftsman]"; mes "Arrggg, we failed. Better luck next time."; specialeffect2 EF_PHARMACY_FAIL; delitem 6607,5; //Temporal_Crystal delequip [email protected]; close; } mes "[Hugin's Craftsman]"; //Custom text mes "Yuhuu~ we succeed. Here you are..."; mes "A slot has been added to your advanced Temporal Boots."; mes "Thank you for believing in me."; specialeffect2 EF_PHARMACY_OK; delitem 6607,5; //Temporal_Crystal delequip [email protected]; if ([email protected]_id == 22000) { getitem2 22006,1,1,0,0,0,0,0,0; // getitem2 22006,1; //Temporal_Str_Boots_ } else if ([email protected]_id == 22001) { getitem2 22009,1,1,0,0,0,0,0,0; //Temporal_Int_Boots_ } else if ([email protected]_id == 22002) { getitem2 22010,1,1,0,0,0,0,0,0; //Temporal_Agi_Boots_ } else if ([email protected]_id == 22003) { getitem2 22007,1,1,0,0,0,0,0,0; //Temporal_Vit_Boots_ } else if ([email protected]_id == 22004) { getitem2 22008,1,1,0,0,0,0,0,0;//Temporal_Dex_Boots_ } else if ([email protected]_id == 22005) { getitem2 22011,1,1,0,0,0,0,0,0; //Temporal_Luk_Boots_ } close; default: mes "[Hugin's Craftsman]"; mes "This is not it! We need ^0000FFAdvanced Temporal Boots^000000 items! The item ^0000FFwith a stat effect and without a slot^000000!"; close; } } [/cbox] its working but when success the enchantment stone will disappear, how to edit this sorry please help
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