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  1. @@bachir yes i know that already. i want to know how i can make it to work with this name "Rö"
  2. StatusFile='Rö.dat' DefaultGRF='Rö.grf' ClientEXE='Rö.exe' I have that settings in thor and it seems it's not reading the filename correctly as "Rö" any solutions?
  3. simplynice

    Ceres CP

    Yes. https://www.google.com.ph/search?q=ceres+cp+vote4point
  4. Anyone knows how to get the item property/element? I look into itemdb and itemdb2 and found nothing. Any idea? Thanks in advance!
  5. I'm not sure where to post this since it can be a hotkey problem / client problem or lub problem. I'm using 2008-01-22 client. Too old, i know. Anyone knows how to remove ctrl+v from the image? so i can paste a text into a chatbox and remain the alt+v. See attachment.
  6. I like the idea how you guys changed the item database file structure just for the sake that us server owner and you guys as a developers wants a readable format. In my point of view I can only see: { // =================== Mandatory fields =============================== Id: ID (int) AegisName: "Aegis_Name" (string, optional if Inherit: true) Name: "Item Name" (string, optional if Inherit: true) // =================== Optional fields ================================ Type: Item Type (int, defaults to 3 = etc item) Buy: Buy Price (int, defaults to Sell * 2) Sell: Sell Price (int, defaults to Buy / 2) Weight: Item Weight (int, defaults to 0) Atk: Attack (int, defaults to 0) Matk: Magical Attack (int, defaults to 0, ignored in pre-re) Def: Defense (int, defaults to 0) Range: Attack Range (int, defaults to 0) Slots: Slots (int, defaults to 0) Job: Job mask (int, defaults to all jobs = 0xFFFFFFFF) Upper: Upper mask (int, defaults to any = 0x3f) Gender: Gender (int, defaults to both = 2) Loc: Equip location (int, required value for equipment) WeaponLv: Weapon Level (int, defaults to 0) EquipLv: Equip required level (int, defaults to 0) EquipLv: [min, max] (alternative syntax with min / max level) Refine: Refineable (boolean, defaults to true) View: View ID (int, defaults to 0) Script: <" Script (it can be multi-line) "> OnEquipScript: <" OnEquip Script (can also be multi-line) "> OnUnequipScript: <" OnUnequip Script (can also be multi-line) "> // =================== Optional fields (item_db2 only) ================ Inherit: true/false (boolean, if true, inherit the values that weren't specified, from item_db.conf, else override it and use default values)}, 35 lines of code if it's a complete code, 3 lines of mandatory code excluding braces. In my item_db.txt i have 8.3k lines of code and I'm still using the old format, converting it will increase the line and yes parsing is not that fast. I agree it's readable. Format is good but line consuming. Parsing is not that fast. Size of file increase.
  7. I want to spawn different kind of mobs that saved on the array. 5 Levels. Can't make it work. Here's my code: set [email protected],0;setarray [email protected]$[0], "[email protected]", "[email protected]", "[email protected]", "[email protected]", "[email protected]";setarray [email protected][0], 1002, 1002, 1002;setarray [email protected][0], 1, 1, 1;setarray [email protected][0], 1002, 1002, 1002;setarray [email protected][0], 1, 1, 1;setarray [email protected][0], 1002, 1002, 1002;setarray [email protected][0], 1, 1, 1;setarray [email protected][0], 1002, 1002, 1002;setarray [email protected][0], 1, 1, 1;setarray [email protected][0], 1002, 1002, 1002;setarray [email protected][0], 1, 1, 1;for( set [email protected], 0; [email protected] < getarraysize([email protected]$[[email protected]]); set [email protected], [email protected] +1 ) { // spawn monster here and call the :monsterKilled label and count mobs on the map // if mob count is 0 set [email protected], [email protected]+1 // and do the for loop again // so it will be [email protected] // until [email protected] finishes}Any work around? Thank you in advance.
  8. Will get back to you after i test this. Thanks in advance.
  9. Thank you sevenzz23, I have a new problem here: http://herc.ws/board/topic/2349-help-inventory-size/
  10. @emistry and @sevenzz23 Nope, that does not solved it, the default of it is I# E# P# so kerbii asked for my help to make it smaller we changed it to that label using msgstringtable.txt, the screenshot he provided was already modified so reverting it back to I# E# P# etc doesn't make sense at all. Any solutions?
  11. I've been diffing almost 50x already. Client: 2013-08-07 I don't know why, i run loki and it pops up if you want to open the client.exe selected yes and nothings happen but it's running in the background (Windows task manager). Anyone can provide me a working sample copy of this client? 2013-08-07 or am i doing wrong? Followed the FAQs.
  12. I have errors with .bmp skills my kro/renewal is up to date. missing something?
  13. I don't know if this is relatively related. show_mob_info: 6 or any others don't work for me. It's not showing anything. Reloaded / Restart the server. Reloadbattleconf Reloadscript None of those works. Maybe it's a client issue or something? I'm using 20130522 client.
  14. I'm using 20130522 client. Bug: - Fix Camera Angles Tested: - Shift + Mouse Scroll = Hang / Close Client
  15. set it to 2 = default guild member and 1 every level of the guild extension So the result is 12? right?
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