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  1. I wondered about the Ragnarok client open source, and here's what I found on the Internet: Open Ragnarok Client Source And the video with a demonstration of his work: I hope this information is useful to the community and developers emulator.
  2. UPD.: Added library for GRF and patch files. Patcher now supports all the basic functions and can be used to test the functionality.
  3. It's an old skin, if you want you can draw another, in English and I'll add it to the repository.
  4. Hello again, I finally posted on github sources. This is a beta version in which there are no support grf, but the rest of the functionality is present. I will continue to work and soon grf Includes support and other functions that were presented in the original KPatcher. Link to github: Patcher Waiting for your suggestions and wishes.
  5. The functions of the HCache_check contains a typo, most likely as a result of Ctrl+C & Ctrl+V: fstat(fileno(first), &bufa);fstat(fileno(first), &bufb); likely entry should be this: fstat(fileno(first), &bufa);fstat(fileno(second), &bufb);
  6. I plan to first create a comfortable and stable framework for adding new features. Secondly restore the original functional patcher in the form in which it was conceived. To conceived, I yuudet used programming language C++ with MFC library, IDE is Visual Studio 2013 with support for C++11.
  7. Hi all, I am a long time thinking about it and finally made ​​a decision. Source code of patcher except for the library to work with the GRF will be available in SVN or GitHub. I also continue to develop and support patcher. Link to github: Patcher
  8. Hello everyone! I am the husband Tiera from rA and KPatcher developer.
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