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  1. I see, how'd you know if this is from itemdb or from itemdb2? @4144
  2. Can u help.me with this one @Happy?
  3. @Happy Hi happy. Mind helping me again with this one? Lol. xD
  4. @Happy Hey it's working. Thank you so much. I have another request, can i tag you in my new post? lol
  5. Hello. I made the stat orbs to function as a card but can only be enchanted in costume items. I changed the stat orbs location to Loc: 7168, and my costumes locations are as follows, Upper: 1024, Mid: 2048, Lower: 4096 I wanted an NPC that will remove the orb in my costume so i can put another orb if i wanted to change it. Thank you so much!
  6. Hello. Can somebody help me solve this problem?
  7. I saw this script that annie used coz i've heard that the strcharinfo(0)+ may cause lag. I haven't tried this yet in my server, can you check if this is compatible with the latest herc? thanks! @Happy
  8. @Happy hi happy. can i have the script
  9. Hello. Can someone tell me the KNOWN scripts that makes the server lag? I just upgraded my host but it seems not to solve my problem, and im considering that the lag is being caused by a script. thanks
  10. I just checked the char ids, and unfortunately all of them are below 15000. sample pic below: The previous trunk that I used doesn't have this rodex feature, (unforetunately) i decided to use the latest trunk to solve the deprecated commands, but now im having problem with this rodex now. @meko
  11. I actually used an old trunk previously, and now decided to use the latest trunk, and of course I used my old ragnarok.sql to retain all characters. What can I do with this? @meko
  12. Apparently, it didnt solve my problem. My bad. Please help, here the pic below: @meko
  13. Thanks man. I didnt notice that there are new things in the battle.conf, and i overwrite it using my old content. thanks man you saved me there @meko
  14. can somebody tell me how to disable this one? i keep on getting errors in my char server and warnings in my mapserver regarding this rodex. it pops out when i tried to use the latest herc. im currently using 2013 client
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