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  1. hai can helo me about copy skill stalker I go to dungeon or other city. My skill was dissapear

  my scirpt help

    1. bWolfie


      Use the appropriate forums this is not a good place to ask for help.

  2. bcooldown plugin..  no effect..  can help me.. 

    i try install this plugin but no effect when i use kiel-d card script bonus bCoolDownRate,-50;


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    2. bWolfie


      What skills are you testing with? This is cool down, so it only reduces the cool down of skills that already have cool down. Don't confuse cool down with After cast delay.

      If you did bonus bCoolDownRate,-50; on a skill with 0 cool down, it won't do anything (since 0 * 0.5 = 0).

      if you did it on skill with 1000ms cool down (1s), it will become 500ms (0.5s). 1000 * 0.5.

      Try again with skill that has cool down. Also check it is loading in conf/plugins.conf.

    3. shah1906


      oh ok understand.. can u teach me how step can give kiel-d card have effect.. cause i try use this card top,mid,lower headgear still have delay

      when i put doppel card skill delay lost..

      i want use kiel d card for lost skill delay.. can help me..

      sry bad english😆


    4. bWolfie


      Can't help you anymore. I'm unable to test the plugin myself to see if it actually works. But if it does work, then you're simply looking at it wrong. My previous explanation should be enough to understand.

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