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  1. Baps

    A browedit version

    Found it, I didn't used the food config in the browedit... Sorry for my post :/. But if you have guide, I open
  2. Baps

    A browedit version

    Thank you for your reply. Okay so I have a borwedit with version 586 et 620 it's working with no crash but when I open prontera.rsw for example, the map is entirely white, why? Plus, do you have a guide to provide to me for the command and how to make some things on a map for example ? I check the youtbe's video from this forum for now but if you have a write guide ;).
  3. Hi everyone, Where can I have a browedit version who's working great without so much bug and on Windows platform ? I have a browedit version but when I try to open an object, it crash... Thanks
  4. Hi, No, no error or warning, just on server : "Accepted password.... Connection closed from "IP"" Yes i properly insert the packetver in my mmo.h and did a "./configure -enable--packetver=20150513 && make && make sql". I tried with the 20140205 and in 5 minutes, all is working like a charm. I don't understand this thing about the Ragexe stable or not which one use etc...
  5. Ok I finally found... I use an other Ragexe (2014-02-05 instead of 2015-05-13a). But i want to understand why it didn't work out ? It's a bit difficult to understand which Ragexe use etc... Someone can explain to me ?
  6. Hi, No one has some answer to provide to me ? Cheers
  7. Hi everyone, I'm opening this topic to try to understand the creation of a client. It's my weakness and I think i don't understand everything... I've some question, and if you can answer at those, it will be awesome : - What is the difference between 201X/2015/2016/201X Ragexe ? - It's about what it can accept on new feature ? It's more stable ? How to know which one is stable ? - How to choose the good client ? I want a pre-re server and I have the 2015-05-13a Ragexe ? Is it okay ? On the other and, I follow many guides and I can't connect to my server, I have no log on the athena server except "Connection time out" and "Failed to connect to server" from my client after i enter my login/password. I recompile everything and I put the good IP address on my char-server.conf and map-server.conf. The only thing that could be unsual it's i run the server on a docker in my server. It's different ? I already forward my ports. Thank to reading me Have a nice day
  8. Finally !!! Thank you @Functor !!! You made my day hah !
  9. Oh okay thank you, i'm at work for now but i'll test it when i come home. Which RageXE do you suggest for the client (I'm not using renewal) ? Thanks
  10. What is this patch ? I don't hear about it :/. How to set this patch ? It's on the server or the client ? Thanks
  11. Hello everyone, Sorry for this post , it's not very original but i'm stuck... I try to implement a server on a Virtual Machien to do some tests (scripts, security, etc...), my server start normally (no errors apparently) with the good configuration in the conf/char/char-server.conf, conf/map/map-server.conf and conf/global/sql_connection.conf because i'm only on local for test so I try to connect from (my physical pc) to (server in virtual machine). The problem is when i try to connect with my client, I enter my login, I see my server but just after selected it and just before the char page comes, I take a "Failed to connect to server". On my server, I have no errors, the server accepted my connection but close it just after. My server run on Debian 8 Jessie, but i think my problem comes from my client, something is wrong with it but I don't know what. I try many RageXE, stable or not but I have the same problem. Maybe you have some idea for me or a good guide to make a recent client ? Thanks
  12. Very no idea how i can do that ? If you have any solution please don't be afraid
  13. Hi there, I 've a question, is this possible to create a new team system ? I explain myself, I want to keep the basic system fo 12 players max for WoE but I want to have an other system like this but for 15 players for example. The team with 15 players max will be able to do Xp Team, Dungeon and Instance. Is this possible or not ? I think it's possible but i need to touch the configuration and not just a script, right ? Cheers mate !