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  1. Hi, Wel well well, your script is awesome ! Congrats for it ! It's so clean and smooth know ! Wow ! Thank you so much !
  2. I'll test it and come back to you. Thank you for your script ;).
  3. Hi, Tahnk you for your reply, so if i understand correctly, with your script, the character will not wait 1s and will walk all the way and follow the "point" x/y i give ?
  4. Other question, there is a way to do it without a sleep ? With 1s each time it's like the character freeze when he starts a new destination 😕
  5. Never mind, i found the solution, make a variable for GID and use unitstop and unitwalk. Here is my test who works: izlude,124,148,4 script test#iz 4_F_NURSE,{ [email protected] = getcharid(3); unitwalk [email protected],128,124; sleep 1000; unitstop [email protected]; sleep 1000; unitwalk [email protected],128,109; sleep 1000; unitstop [email protected]; sleep 1000; unitwalk [email protected],121,98; sleep 1000; unitstop [email protected]; sleep 1000; unitwalk [email protected],108,97; end; }
  6. Okay i tested it and it works. Now i have a new question, the character move only if de X and Y position is on sight. However, i want to move at a point on the map that i can't see. How can i do that ? I already put to unitwalk one after the other but it's not working. If you have an idea ;).
  7. Hi, Nice ! I didn't do my research so good .... Thank you, i'll test this :).
  8. Hello everyone, I'm asking a question in my head right now. Is it possible to move a character to follow a path with a script or something ? Like NPC who can move to X to Y position on a map, is it possible for a char to force the char to move until a point on a map ? If yes, how ?
  9. Baps

    A browedit version

    Found it, I didn't used the food config in the browedit... Sorry for my post :/. But if you have guide, I open
  10. Baps

    A browedit version

    Thank you for your reply. Okay so I have a borwedit with version 586 et 620 it's working with no crash but when I open prontera.rsw for example, the map is entirely white, why? Plus, do you have a guide to provide to me for the command and how to make some things on a map for example ? I check the youtbe's video from this forum for now but if you have a write guide ;).
  11. Hi everyone, Where can I have a browedit version who's working great without so much bug and on Windows platform ? I have a browedit version but when I try to open an object, it crash... Thanks
  12. Hi, No, no error or warning, just on server : "Accepted password.... Connection closed from "IP"" Yes i properly insert the packetver in my mmo.h and did a "./configure -enable--packetver=20150513 && make && make sql". I tried with the 20140205 and in 5 minutes, all is working like a charm. I don't understand this thing about the Ragexe stable or not which one use etc...
  13. Ok I finally found... I use an other Ragexe (2014-02-05 instead of 2015-05-13a). But i want to understand why it didn't work out ? It's a bit difficult to understand which Ragexe use etc... Someone can explain to me ?
  14. Hi, No one has some answer to provide to me ? Cheers
  15. Hi everyone, I'm opening this topic to try to understand the creation of a client. It's my weakness and I think i don't understand everything... I've some question, and if you can answer at those, it will be awesome : - What is the difference between 201X/2015/2016/201X Ragexe ? - It's about what it can accept on new feature ? It's more stable ? How to know which one is stable ? - How to choose the good client ? I want a pre-re server and I have the 2015-05-13a Ragexe ? Is it okay ? On the other and, I follow many guides and I can't connect to my server, I have no log on the athena server except "Connection time out" and "Failed to connect to server" from my client after i enter my login/password. I recompile everything and I put the good IP address on my char-server.conf and map-server.conf. The only thing that could be unsual it's i run the server on a docker in my server. It's different ? I already forward my ports. Thank to reading me Have a nice day
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