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  1. You will lose the ability to map existing SIs to custom SC if you migrate to Aegis’ model. (or perhaps you can add an additional custom SI field in the EFST data struct) It’s fine as is, as long as adding a new SC isn’t a pain in the ass and the information sent to the client is correct.
  2. I believe you have to to install libmariadbclient instead.
  3. Yes, the hostname setting for your database is there for a reason. You might want to check the permission and hostname setting for your MySQL user.
  4. battle.c around line 495x Adjust the damage amp formula here For your case, change the 50 to 25. if( sc && skill_id != PA_SACRIFICE && sc->data[SC_UNLIMIT] && (wd.flag&(BF_LONG|BF_MAGIC)) == BF_LONG) { switch(skill_id) { case RA_WUGDASH: case RA_WUGSTRIKE: case RA_WUGBITE: break; default: ATK_ADDRATE( 50 * sc->data[SC_UNLIMIT]->val1 ); } }
  5. What advantage does this have over the like of Docker or Vagrant?
  6. Secrets


    This skill is intended to be used by monsters. if (target->type == BL_MOB && sc != NULL && sc->data[SC_REBIRTH] != NULL) { struct mob_data *t_md = BL_UCAST(BL_MOB, target); if (!t_md->state.rebirth) { // Ensure the monster has not already reborn before doing so. status->revive(target, sc->data[SC_REBIRTH]->val2, 0); status->change_clear(target,0); t_md->state.rebirth = 1; return (int)(hp+sp); } }
  7. Secrets

    Array help

    My quick workaround would be adding a check if return value from getitemname is not "null". Then add the name to the menu.
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