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  1. If you want to use hamachi, i think you don't have to change anything... Just edit the ip in clientinfo xml-file for your friends (ragnarokgamefolder/data) from to something like or so (open cmd->ipconfig to find out you lan-ip, or check in hamachi). iirc, this should work then...
  2. Sorry for necro... Just leveled a gunslinger to 99/50 and did the rebel quest -> all worked fine Then got eternal chain and rich coin, neither of them worked. How can i check if Rebel is implemented in the "noob package"?
  3. Hi there 😃 Fix for the Zeny issue: Add this line after "@style_value = [email protected]_number;" (line 92) Zeny -= .cost[@style]; The problem was, that the script only checks IF you have the zeny, but didn't take it from you. But it works with that line
  4. Just so other noobs like me don't search for hours... it's in "herc_renewal_2019.grf" not "data.grf" 😅
  5. Hi there Seems like the username/password used for your database is wrong. 1. Check \conf\import\sql_connection.conf and \conf\import\sql_connection_log.conf (these are the login data the server uses to communicate with your sql-database) 2. Go to your database and check the users (check if the names are right, change passwords to match the ones in the .conf-files etc.) - NOT the users in the `login` table 3. Check if those users have permission to access the databases/tables 4. Try again Have a good one and please report back if it works
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