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  1. Try this diff. It's made for the latest herc, 2019-06-03. To apply diff, use git apply command. E.g. git apply ~/Desktop/hidemobhpbar.diff Haven't tested. Let me know how you go. hidemobhpbar.diff
  2. check if you are using renewal or pre-renewal. mobs have different stats depending on game mode.
  3. My advice would be to not remove the line as Naruto is suggesting, but create a mapflag for it. That way you can toggle when you want to be able to heal an Emperium. Also, another solution is to simply create a custom mob using Emperium sprite and exact same stats. The code is only checking for the Emperium mob id (1288), so simply using another id would make it possible to heal.
  4. Yes it is possible. You need to either use a custom SQL table combined with getcharid(CHAR_ID_GUILD) or use the '$' global permanent variable. Example of using '$' variable: if ($Guild_Quest[getcharid(CHAR_ID_GUILD)] != 0) { mes("Your guild has already done this quest."); close(); } $Guild_Quest[getcharid(CHAR_ID_GUILD)] = 1; mes("You completed the quest for your guild."); close(); Example of SQL query: if (query_sql(sprintf("SELECT * FROM `guild_quest` WHERE `guild_id` = %d", getcharid(CHAR_ID_GUILD))) > 0) { mes("Your guild has already done this quest."); close(); } query_sql(sprintf("INSERT INTO `guild_quest`(`guild_id`, `value`, `comment`) VALUES(%d, 1, 'Guild quest 1')", getcharid(CHAR_ID_GUILD))); mes("You completed the quest for your guild."); close();
  5. it's in language file. lang\en_us.php or whichever language you are using
  6. check script doc. consolemes has 2 mandatory params.also you should be putting it in parentheses. consolemes()
  7. You can try AnnieRuru's OnPCStatCalcEvent plugin.
  8. Is my browser broken? Feels like there should be a video or set of images to explain the event. You should definitely explain what you want, otherwise I guarantee the chance of a response is ZERO.
  9. Try file an issue on github. Might be a bug.
  10. tip: put your scripts in pastebin so people don't have to download files.
  11. move script over and test for prerequisites and edit so they arent needed or make those prerequisites available on your server.
  12. you mean melee attack only?
  13. dude new client since like 2012 use itemInfo.lua/lub that is the one you need to have working correctly