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  1. we don't have skill_db.txt on Hercules. Must be something confused?
  2. You can use either, Hercules has both. I prefer Pre-Renewal due to the mechanics. And then you can add any Renewal content on top of that.
  3. I think you can use any client. However, some newer clients don't have fully coded features. I'm pretty sure Hercules is up to date with all the 2017 features though.
  4. worth reporting in github bug report
  5. This is long existing behaviour I think. Mobs always have had trouble navigating ice wall. Although when I say long existing, doesn't mean it is correct/good, since we have been known to add fixes in the form of configuration options for strange behaviour.
  6. this is a forum for showcasing maps. doesn't mean they are for sale like @freezing1 said.
  7. item bonuses get reloaded after all sorts of things. check out Annieruru's OnPCStatCalcEvent plugin:
  8. shadow jump is client side not server. you need to edit the animation files.
  9. i use tmux tmux new -s login ./login-server <CTRL + b>, <d> then repeat for char
  10. @imbadudelz need to run server in debug mode and get crash stack. Check this article out:
  11. My advice would be to create a mapflag for this setting. PM me if you still need this job done. If you just want to hardcode a single map, you can do the following. 1. Open src/map/skill.c. Go to skill_delay_fix(). 2. Edit the following 2 lines. if (battle_config.delay_rate != 100) time = time * battle_config.delay_rate / 100; Change to if (strcmpi(map->list[bl->m].name, "pay_fild01") == 0) time = time * n / 100; // change 'n' to value you want else if (battle_config.delay_rate != 100) time = time * battle_config.delay_rate / 100;
  12. just go with $5/month on Digital Ocean. You can host your website on the same server as the patcher.
  13. Agree Hyvraine is very good to work with. Those who consider hiring, don't rush him. Make sure you show patience and treat him with respect. Sometimes he disappears for long periods of time due to personal issues. Yes, in most industries this would be considered very unprofessional to after agreeing to a job, but his work is great and customer service any better. He always comes back and delivers a 10/10 end product.
  14. Search skill.c for SG_HATE. Target is emperium mob then skill fails. Add the mobs you need. case SG_HATE: if (sd) { clif->skill_nodamage(src,bl,skill_id,skill_lv,1); // mobs which cannot be hated int class_ = status->get_class(bl); if (class_ == MOBID_EMPELIUM) { clif->message(sd->fd, msg_sd(sd, 1551)); // Hatred cannot be cast on this mob. clif->skill_fail(sd, skill_id, USESKILL_FAIL_LEVEL, 0, 0); break; } if (!pc->set_hate_mob(sd, skill_lv-1, bl)) clif->skill_fail(sd, skill_id, USESKILL_FAIL_LEVEL, 0, 0); } break;
  15. You shouldn't skip sql updates. Server will break in some cases if you do.