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  1. Hello bWolfie can i ask about


    Fire Converter = Endow Blaze Status Icon

    Water Converter = Endow Tsunami Status Icon

    Earth Converter = Endow Quake Status Icon

    Wind Converter = Endow Tornado Status Icon



    itry edit  in my "itemdb.txt" for Status Icon Fire

    "Elemental Converter"

    Script: <"
            sc_start SC_PROPERTYFIRE, 150000,1;

    it work but not effect damage skill still same

    can u help me something edit



  2. happy hour is when badge amount reward increases when won within that hour.
  3. Yes it's possible but takes some work to configure. I have them configured with Kubix's BG release from 2016. I'm not familiar with eBG so I can't help you. That's quite hard cause firstly you need a mapper who has played the mode before and secondly a scripter who knows the ins and outs of it too.
  4. Been around for some years now. I first saw it on one of those Russian servers. Never seen any piece of code or the like regarding it, so personally have no idea how it works. From my experience, they were all terrible. Logging in regularly and not using one of "proxy server"s as they are known always proved best for me. But it may have also had something to do with the fact I live in New Zealand and the destination server was in Russia. This was also 4-5 years ago, so technology probably improved in that time. IMO, until proven otherwise, they are vanity features and are only good as marketing tools. They may help a niche group though.
  5. hai can helo me about copy skill stalker I go to dungeon or other city. My skill was dissapear


    https://pastebin.com/3iDkGXRN my scirpt help

    1. bWolfie


      Use the appropriate forums this is not a good place to ask for help.

  6. FluxCP needs a page in both modules\page\index.php and themes\<theme name>\page\index.php You need to do it for every theme that can be used. You can also put it in the add-ons folder which bypasses this I believe.
  7. What's ROM? Best way to do this is very long and not simple. Change all MvP spawns into individual scripts. Then you can use getnpctimer() to get the time left. Example: moc_pryd04,0,0,0 script Osiris_Spawn FAKE_NPC,{ OnMyMobDead: .GID = 0; initnpctimer(); end; OnTimer3600000: // wait 60 mins sleep(rand(600000)); // add 0~10 mins OnInit: .GID = monster("moc_pryd04", 0, 0, "--en--", OSIRIS, 1, sprintf("%s::OnMyMobDead", strnpcinfo(NPC_NAME))); stopnpctimer(); end; } Then make another script with the atcommand to check getnpctimer(0, "Osiris_Spawn")
  8. Been working a lot with Hyvraine lately. From my experience, he has all the solutions when it comes to web design. Gets your work done at an affordable price. Unsure if he is available for work at the moment, however, my advise if you do work with him is to know exactly what you want. He will deliver you a 10/10 product within the guidelines. If you don't give him a lot to work with, he may take a lot longer coming up with designs and seeking your approval on all sorts of things.
  9. bcooldown plugin..  no effect..  can help me.. 

    i try install this plugin but no effect when i use kiel-d card script bonus bCoolDownRate,-50;


    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. bWolfie


      What skills are you testing with? This is cool down, so it only reduces the cool down of skills that already have cool down. Don't confuse cool down with After cast delay.

      If you did bonus bCoolDownRate,-50; on a skill with 0 cool down, it won't do anything (since 0 * 0.5 = 0).

      if you did it on skill with 1000ms cool down (1s), it will become 500ms (0.5s). 1000 * 0.5.

      Try again with skill that has cool down. Also check it is loading in conf/plugins.conf.

    3. shah1906


      oh ok understand.. can u teach me how step can give kiel-d card have effect.. cause i try use this card top,mid,lower headgear still have delay

      when i put doppel card skill delay lost..

      i want use kiel d card for lost skill delay.. can help me..

      sry bad english😆


    4. bWolfie


      Can't help you anymore. I'm unable to test the plugin myself to see if it actually works. But if it does work, then you're simply looking at it wrong. My previous explanation should be enough to understand.

  10. Requires source edit. Go to src/map/skill.c, find static int can_copy(). Anywhere after nullpo_ret(sd); you can put your conditions. if (skill_id == WZ_WATERBALL) return 0; If you want to carryover skill_lv, you need to edit 2 lines. Change 1, find line: can_copy(tsd,copy_skill,bl)) // Split all the check into their own function [Aru] Change to: can_copy(tsd, copy_skill, skill_lv, bl)) // Split all the check into their own function [Aru] Change 2, find line: static int can_copy(struct map_session_data *sd, uint16 skill_id, struct block_list *bl) Change to: static int can_copy(struct map_session_data *sd, uint16 skill_id, uint16 skill_lv, struct block_list *bl)
  11. I don't know about server database editor. I prefer to edit file directly.
  12. In my opinion, best thing to do is to save all data as char_reg variables, e.g. WoE_Kill += 1; And then once WoE is finished, run a SQL query to copy data from char_reg_num_db and char_reg_str_db to your custom table. E.g. OnAgitEnd: query_sql("TRUNCATE TABLE `woe_rank`;"); // clear old data. this table is only used to hold temporary values for displaying elsewhere [email protected] = query_sql("SELECT `char_id`, `value` FROM `char_reg_num_db` WHERE `key` = 'WoE_Kill';", [email protected], [email protected]_Kill); for ([email protected] = 0; [email protected] < [email protected]; [email protected]++) { query_sql(sprintf("INSERT INTO `woe_rank`(`char_id`, `kills`) VALUES(%d, %d);", [email protected], [email protected]_Kill)); sleep(50); // don't perform too many queries at once (20 per second) } end; So then the query_sql() command is only being run under controlled circumstances, and only used once.
  13. We don't have RC_Human. Check https://github.com/HerculesWS/Hercules/blob/master/doc/item_bonus.md
  14. like Xross said, likely using older SQL database which is incompatible with the current Hercules revision. When you start the login server, it should say which files you need to add. In any case, you can usually fix this by doing the following. Backup current database using mysqldump (unsure how to dump other ways) mysqldump database > ~/database-backup.sql Drop database, then recreate. DROP DATABASE database; CREATE DATABASE database; Create new table structures using Hercules SQL. mysql .... < sql-files/main.sql Then add your backed up database on top of that... mysql .... < ~/database-backup.sql
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