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  1. Yes it is possible. You need to either use a custom SQL table combined with strcharinfo(PC_GUILD) or use the '$' global permanent variable. Example of using '$' variable: if ($Guild_Quest[strcharinfo(PC_GUILD)] != 0) { mes("Your guild has already done this quest."); close(); } $Guild_Quest[strcharinfo(PC_GUILD)] = 1; mes("You completed the quest for your guild."); close(); Example of SQL query: if (query_sql(sprintf("SELECT * FROM `guild_quest` WHERE `guild_id` = %d", strcharinfo(PC_GUILD))) > 0) { mes("Your guild has already done this quest."); close(); } query_sql(sprintf("INSERT INTO `guild_quest`(`guild_id`, `value`, `comment`) VALUES(%d, 1, 'Guild quest 1')", strcharinfo(PC_GUILD))); mes("You completed the quest for your guild."); close();
  2. it's in language file. lang\en_us.php or whichever language you are using
  3. check script doc. consolemes has 2 mandatory params.also you should be putting it in parentheses. consolemes()
  4. You can try AnnieRuru's OnPCStatCalcEvent plugin.
  5. Is my browser broken? Feels like there should be a video or set of images to explain the event. You should definitely explain what you want, otherwise I guarantee the chance of a response is ZERO.
  6. Try file an issue on github. Might be a bug.
  7. tip: put your scripts in pastebin so people don't have to download files.
  8. move script over and test for prerequisites and edit so they arent needed or make those prerequisites available on your server.
  9. you mean melee attack only?
  10. dude new client since like 2012 use itemInfo.lua/lub that is the one you need to have working correctly
  11. First time seeing this. Thought I'd try it out. Really cool idea, surprised I'm just seeing this now. Reports: • If you are in a chatroom of the clone then the clone dies, the chat closes then your char is stuck. • Something interesting, you can send friend and party requests to clone mobs, which then send to the real char.
  12. Possible, but extremely difficult. Probably not worth the time/effort. Better to think of alternative.
  13. Yes...rAthena have more of the content complete than Hercules, but they are very reckless with their development systems. Most of the commits are either fixes for something that someone broke (that previously worked) or minor changes such as syntax correction or function tweaks. Commit no. and activity log looks pretty, but context should be considered.
  14. Description: Adds the @adopt command to your server. Usage: @adopt <char name> The adoption feature exists in the source. However, from experience, some clients don't support the right-click menu option to adopt players, rendering the feature unusable. Perhaps this atcommand should be added to the main repo. For now, you can use this to allow your players to use the adoption system. Download:
  15. Found an issue. Console getting spammed with this: [Mar/29 14:50:41][Warning]: npc_event: player's event queue is full, can't add event 'RecalcStat::OnPCStatCalcEvent' !
  16. Nice news to hear. Do you have a demo site?
  17. lol? this is way better than the old way. Splitting cache into individual files makes it so much easier to manage. Those used to the old way (editing map_cache.dat) will struggle at first, but find it a lot better once they get used to it. I was mad when the change was first made, now I am much happier because of it.
  18. bWolfie


    Make sure you get auraset file from here: Is your Hercules updated? Since that error only should happen if this code missing from your clif.h enum clr_type { CLR_OUTSIGHT = 0, CLR_DEAD, CLR_RESPAWN, CLR_TELEPORT, CLR_TRICKDEAD, };
  19. im sure your database is not called 'ragnarok'. some code clearly wrong looking for wrong place. 'ragnarok.ragnarok.cp_vfp_logs'
  20. It is explained right there. Table not exists.
  21. Last view id is 1864 but could be more. ( files/datainfo/accessoryid.lub) Maybe start at 2200 to allow for new sprites. I have had some issues with view ids above 3000. Maybe it was 4000, I forgot. I just remember once I got to a certain point, the client would just crash.
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    nice effort. im a noob, what practical application does this have?