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  1. tried multiple times, he dont answer in rathena
  2. Hi, i need help because i wanted to create a dynamic environment system where 3d models spawn on the map (i know that its possible), but all the guides from rathena or from here, indicates that you need to use a granny viewer sdk (version 2.8.52). The problem is that the license for that program its above 10k usd, and all the links that the people posted are currently dead. ¿Does anybody have the program or know where you can download it? its not for commercial purposes of course.
  3. Please, show us some console log, and the script of the instance (or its every instance? Are you using plugins?)
  4. Saludos. La mejor opción por mi parte, siempre serán los servidores hosting tradicionales, tales como ovh, contaboo, digital ocean, etc. Ya que todos los otros que son específicamente para Ragnarok siempre escucharas que son una insulto generico...- y la razón de ello es que para cobrar no tienen problema, pero cuando necesitas soporte, no aparecerán más. Yo en lo personal, te recomiendo cualquier vps de OVH, es un buen servicio con buena latencia y características (quiza poco espacio de almacenamiento, pero eso se puede expandir por unos dolares más). Lo que te interesara luego, es ponerle un SO de linux, siendo ubuntu una de las mejores opciones, sobre todo para la gente con menos conocimientos en este tipo de SO. Luego, si sabes ingles vas a querer seguir esta guía para poder instalar todo, quedando una instalación fresca de hercules! espero haber sido de ayuda, y cualquier duda solo dímela!
  5. Hi! I recommend you to see the doc/script_commands.txt file and search for unit_walk, unit_attack, unit_emote, etc. Those are the commands that you are looking for and in the same documentation file are examples of how to use them!
  6. Arduino

    New life for RO

    @Temtaime I'm absolutly trash if it invonves graphics, but i want to dig up to the light this little skin design only as a suggestion
  7. Hi luis, like in the thread in rathena, you may want to spawn something invisible in the coordinates and then use the specialeffect, but if you are using hercules then you can use the plugin duplicatenpc from @dastgir to duplicate a npc in said coordinates making it with the id class 111 (NPC_INVISIBLE i think)
  8. That's because those maps where not found in the grf's or data directory (and, if you go there, you might crash for gravity) and seeing the image, are maps that practically no server use
  9. had you declared the grf's with the 'new' maps in the conf/grf-files.conf? aaaaand, you want to rebuild all the cache, because you changed gats of existing cached maps, so just pass the rebuild flag when calling the mapcache. (./mapcache -rebuild) then, restart your server.
  10. Have you run the map-cache.exe before changing the maps?
  11. As meko is correct, this script command wouldnt be more appropiate? areamobuseskill("<map name>", <x>, <y>, <range>, <mob id>, <skill id>, <skill level>, <cast time>, <cancelable>, <emotion>, <target type>) *areamobuseskill("<map name>", <x>, <y>, <range>, <mob id>, "<skill name>", <skill level>, <cast time>, <cancelable>, <emotion>, <target type>) This command will make all monsters of the specified mob ID in the specified area use the specified skill. Map name, x, and y define the center of the area, which extending <range> cells in each direction (ex: a range of 3 would create a 7x7 square). The skill can be specified by skill ID or name. <cast time> is in milliseconds (1000 = 1 second), and the rest should be self-explanatory. <target type> can be: 0 = self 1 = the mob's current target 2 = the mob's master 3 = random target Example: // spawn 1 Shining Plant in the 5x5 area centered on (155,188) areamonster("prontera", 153, 186, 157, 190, "Shining Plant", SHINING_PLANT, 1); // make the plant cast level 10 Cold Bolt on a random target areamobuseskill("prontera", 155, 188, 2, SHINING_PLANT, MG_COLDBOLT, 10, 3000, 1, e_gg, 3)
  12. You have your ro data files up to date? if not or not sure, just leave your ro updating
  13. didnt you notice that this thread have more than two years? o.o
  14. What do you mean with the "vending stuff"? The things that the merchants are selling with their vending skill? Or maybe the stores of npc's?
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