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  1. But where is target position for skill? "This command causes the attached NPC object to cast a skill on the attached player." it has no position settings. thx
  2. But where is target position for skill?
  3. Hello there. Firstly sorry for my english. I'm trying to using Meteor Storm by NPC in on of my quests. But skill casts too long and damage is too small. How can I increase "npc stats"? Thx. unitskillusepos getnpcid(0),"WZ_METEOR",10,147,187;
  4. Hello, world. What is the best exe for https://github.com/zephyrus-cr/eamod/tree/master/Servers/eAthena eamod?
  5. Hi. When I try to start server, I get this error [SQL]: DB error - Incorrect date value: '0000-00-00' for column 'birthdate' at row 1 [Debug]: at account_sql.c:640 - UPDATE `login` SET `userid`=?,`user_pass`=?,`sex`=?,`email`=?,`level`=?,`state`=?,`unban_time`=?,`expiration_time`=?,`logincount`=?,`lastlogin`=?,`last_ip`=?,`birthdate`=? WHERE `account_id` = '1' How can I fix this?Any ideas?
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