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  1. Alright, so I am having a few errors regarding the client side, mainly with some textures and other items not being properly shown; I get a error but thats about it nothing that makes the client crash. I downloaded the latest translation files but when I checked it side by side with mine they were the same, additionally I also have my kRO/Sak updated to latest, so I am wondering what exactly is causing this problem. Attached is a screen shot. Thank you, .-.
  2. Hello, So basically, I was wondering if it was possible to keep existing item job requirements for weapons/armors but at the same time add extended class as another requirement. If it possible how can I accomplish it? Thanks, Kaminitsu
  3. Alright, so having a little problem here, don't know where this should go, no error log or anything like that. Basically cart cannon of the Genetic skill tree gets constant misses from ghost mvps, and they are more harder to hit than normal. Missing about 75% to 100% to all skills what is the reason for this? Regards, Kaminitsu
  4. Nevermind this can be closed. Hello, So I already have the freebie by level npc, but it is not working correctly, I modified it to add in other rewards but that is all. However it is broken .-. Thank you, Kaminitsu Update, I believe it is working now a few out of placed things .-.
  5. Hello, This just upgraded from that to something else. Using a 2012 Client currently. When I die the client also just stops working. No error log or anything like that. What can be done? .-. Regards, Kaminitsu
  6. Kaminitsu


    Hello, I was trying to find an all identifier npc for zeny. However I did not find one so I am requesting that someone please help me. Basically what I want is a npc that can identify all items for a certain amount of zeny per item as well as there being an option just to identify one item. Thank you, Kaminitsu
  7. Ah Alright, I keep getting deprecating messages though for npcs that have a View ID. Sorry if I was a bit less clear how do I fix that? Thank you, Kaminitsu
  8. Hello, Erm, I don't know how to fully define the problem. When using @storage and going to the misc tab my client unexpectedly crashes. There is no error report or anything like that. Basically just crashes. Is there any remedy to this? Regards, Kaminitsu
  9. Alright so I read the update, and I am getting the warnings and all, I have a few scripts which I gathered from here. So I was wondering how exactly do I go about changing the view ID to the Fake_NPC and View ID -1? Thank you, Kaminitsu
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