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  1. I've tried using different grfs and yet it's still doing this. Anybody know how to fix it? Thanks.
  2. So I added this Everything is fine and all but I'm getting this error on compiling. Anybody know how to fix it? status.c:13697:29: note: expected ‘struct block_list *’ but argument is of type ‘int16’ {aka ‘short int’} status.c:13697:7: error: too few arguments to function ‘path->search’ 13697 | if (path->search(NULL, src->m, src->x, src->y, bl->x, bl->y, 1, CELL_CHKNOREACH) && distance_xy(src->x, src->y, bl->x, bl->y) < 11)
  3. Hi Dastgir, let me know if you're available for the paid service. I sent you a pm
  4. Hi All, Recently got a plan with Pony VPS and so far everything is going well. He even helped me setup everything. Although some things are out of his capacity, he still tried to help me with everything. Overall 9/10. Get a plan with him and see how it goes
  5. ralph00


    Did this fix the problem for you? Seems like it's still doing the same thing on the compiler for me. Using 4.1 autopots.c
  6. Hi there, I added this modification but I seem to have lost the costumes tab. Any idea what caused it? (It's the only source mod I added) Thanks!
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