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  1. have you test that script? because when i install it to my server is getting stack on 0 style and cannot select next or previous
  2. im so sorry for my trash talk guys i really get depression with this mapcache changed on hercules. hercules was my favorit svn in RO. they are very neat and always stable. easy to understanding the script. last time i make private server is 2014 and now 2019 is very difference to config and i just got screwed and my climax angry is when i take all of the time to make my own custom map with browedit and i cant implement to the freaking new hercules so yeah im sorry also for my sick english
  3. @Functor what do u mean offset 3DCD80 ? are u joking or what
  4. where can i get the map wich in this script? or can i edit the map name (cordinat x,y from the map script) if so. please tell me how
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