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  1. Hello, I have the following problem, here are the steps to reproduce it : 1. Use berserk while having dracula card. 2. get dispelled (so you're not in berserk mode anymore) 3. Use berserk again 4. The berserk won't heal you to 100% hp everytime (but will increase your max HP as intended). I reproduced it on rAthena, the bug did not occur. I have not changed anything related to berserk in my source. Can someone helps me on this ? Thanks a lot
  2. Hello, I am trying to make a script in order to give a bonus to player who are in a certain map. For example, let's say I want to give 1 str to player who are in pay_fild01. Here is what I use : - script payonbonus FAKE_NPC,{ end; OnPCLoadMapEvent: if( strcharinfo(3) == "pay_fild01" ){ bonus bStr,1; } end; } pay_fild01 mapflag loadevent Sadly it's not working. Can someone helps me ? Thanks you !
  3. Thanks for the tips but I never do it. Anyone ?
  4. Hello, Here is the script I made in order to kill mvp (and prevent players from farming mvp too hard after a reloadscript or a reboot). - script killmvp FAKE_NPC,{ end; OnInit: startnpctimer; announce "killing mvp...", bc_all; end; OnTimer6000: atcommand "@killmonster2 abbey02"; // Fallen Bishop Hibram atcommand "@killmonster2 abbey03"; // Beelzebub atcommand "@killmonster2 abyss_03"; // Detale atcommand "@killmonster2 ama_dun03"; // Samurai Specter atcommand "@killmonster2 anthell02"; // Maya atcommand "@killmonster2 anthell01"; // Maya purple atcommand "@killmonster2 ayo_dun02"; // Lady Tanee atcommand "@killmonster2 beach_dun"; // Tao Gunka atcommand "@killmonster2 ein_dun02"; // RSX-0806 atcommand "@killmonster2 gef_dun01"; // Dracula atcommand "@killmonster2 gef_dun02"; // Doppelganger atcommand "@killmonster2 gef_fild02"; // Orc Hero atcommand "@killmonster2 gef_fild10"; // Orc Lord atcommand "@killmonster2 gef_fild14"; // Orc Hero atcommand "@killmonster2 gl_chyard"; // Dark Lord atcommand "@killmonster2 gld_dun01"; // Eddga atcommand "@killmonster2 gld_dun02"; // Doppelganger atcommand "@killmonster2 gld_dun03"; // Maya atcommand "@killmonster2 gld_dun04"; // Dark Lord atcommand "@killmonster2 gon_dun03"; // Evil Snake Lord atcommand "@killmonster2 ice_dun03"; // Ktullanux atcommand "@killmonster2 in_sphinx5"; // Pharaoh atcommand "@killmonster2 jupe_core"; // Vesper atcommand "@killmonster2 kh_dun02"; // Kiel D-01 atcommand "@killmonster2 lhz_dun02"; // Egnigem Cenia atcommand "@killmonster2 lhz_dun03"; // bio3 atcommand "@killmonster2 lhz_dun04"; // Bio 4 atcommand "@killmonster2 lou_dun03"; // White Lady atcommand "@killmonster2 mjolnir_04"; // Mistress atcommand "@killmonster2 moc_fild17"; // Phreeoni atcommand "@killmonster2 moc_pryd04"; // Osiris atcommand "@killmonster2 moc_pryd06"; // Amon Ra atcommand "@killmonster2 mosk_dun03"; // Zmey Gorynych atcommand "@killmonster2 niflheim"; // Lord of Death atcommand "@killmonster2 odin_tem03"; // Valkyrie Randgris atcommand "@killmonster2 pay_dun04"; // Moonlight Flower atcommand "@killmonster2 pay_fild11"; // Eddga atcommand "@killmonster2 prt_maze03"; // Baphomet atcommand "@killmonster2 prt_sewb4"; // Golden Thief Bug atcommand "@killmonster2 ra_fild02"; // Atroce atcommand "@killmonster2 ra_fild03"; // Atroce atcommand "@killmonster2 ra_fild04"; // Atroce atcommand "@killmonster2 ra_san05"; // Gloom Under Night atcommand "@killmonster2 thor_v03"; // Ifrit atcommand "@killmonster2 treasure02"; // Drake atcommand "@killmonster2 tur_dun04"; // Turtle General atcommand "@killmonster2 ve_fild01"; // Atroce atcommand "@killmonster2 ve_fild02"; // Atroce atcommand "@killmonster2 xmas_dun01"; // Angeling // Chepet atcommand "@killmonster2 xmas_dun02"; // Stormy Knight atcommand "@killmonster2 xmas_fild01"; // Garm atcommand "@killmonster2 moc_fild22"; // Wounded Morroc atcommand "@killmonster2 pay_fild04"; // Angeling/Deviling etc atcommand "@killmonster2 yuno_fild03"; // angeling Deviling atcommand "@killmonster2 yuno_fild05"; // arc angeling atcommand "@killmonster2 man_fild03"; // hardrock mamoth atcommand "@killmonster2 alde_dun04"; // sword atcommand "@killmonster2 gefenia01"; atcommand "@killmonster2 gefenia02"; atcommand "@killmonster2 gefenia03"; atcommand "@killmonster2 gefenia04"; atcommand "@killmonster2 gef_dun01"; atcommand "@killmonster2 gl_cas01"; atcommand "@killmonster2 gl_cas02"; atcommand "@killmonster2 gl_knt01"; atcommand "@killmonster2 gl_knt02"; atcommand "@killmonster2 ein_dun01"; atcommand "@killmonster2 ein_fild02"; atcommand "@killmonster2 ein_fild07"; atcommand "@killmonster2 c_tower1"; atcommand "@killmonster2 c_tower2"; atcommand "@killmonster2 c_tower3"; atcommand "@killmonster2 c_tower4"; atcommand "@killmonster2 odin_tem02"; atcommand "@killmonster2 cmd_fild03"; atcommand "@killmonster2 hu_fild05"; atcommand "@killmonster2 tha_t04"; atcommand "@killmonster2 tha_t05"; atcommand "@killmonster2 tha_t06"; atcommand "@killmonster2 tha_t07"; atcommand "@killmonster2 tha_t08"; atcommand "@killmonster2 tha_t09"; atcommand "@killmonster2 tha_t10"; atcommand "@killmonster2 tha_t11"; atcommand "@killmonster2 ra_fild01"; atcommand "@killmonster2 cmd_fild08"; atcommand "@killmonster2 um_fild03"; announce "All MVP have been killed.", bc_all; end; OnTimer8000: stopnpctimer; end; } But my script is not working as intended. Instead, it randomly kills mob in map on that list, but never on every map. For example one time it'll trigger the killmonster2 in xmas_fild, and another time it'll trigger @killmonster2 in thor_v03 etc. It never kills the full list. I have no error whatsoever on my console. Do you have any idea why my script is not working properly ? Thanks a lot
  5. Random756


    Problem solver nevermind
  6. Ok this is it, I did not even know it was an item I could find in item_db or even @item. Well it's easy to solve it now. Thanks a lot for your insight both of you
  7. Do you mean iteminfo.lua ? Because I don't have iteminfo.lub in /system. But if you meant iteminfo.lua, unless i'm mystaken there's no part relative to the enchant sprite in this, just item which already exist in item_db (and the enchant is not of those) right ?
  8. Hello, I have an error with the "int+3" enchant. It says : So it means I miss the int+3 sprite. I found a corresponding one in another grf, its name is : ¿ëÀǺ¸ÁÖ_È«.bmp, I tried it (so I had texture/À¯ÀúÀÎÅÍÆäÀ̽º/item/¿ëÀǺ¸ÁÖ_È«.bmp but it doesn't work and the error still appears. I tried to copy the name of the error in game (¿ëÀÇ?¸Á?È«.bmp) but grf editor doesn't allow me to put the "?" caracter in the name. I'm stuck at this step, seems like I have 2 solutions : 1) either find what "?" symbols is and and rename the .bmp according to it. 2) or redirect the "int+3" sprite to another bmp which i'll be able to name whatever I want. Except I don't know where I can redirect this, I don't know in which file I can do it (i know how to do it for item like apple or cards, but not for enchant). Can anyone help me ? Thanks a lot
  9. Thanks you i'll try this Edit : It worked, here is what I used in case someone needs. else if( strcharinfo(3) == "payg_cas05" && Class == Job_Stalker && getskilllv(CR_ACIDDEMONSTRATION)){ announce "your msg", bc_self; addtimer 1000, "WoE_Kick::OnKick";}
  10. Hello, I activated the feature which allows stalker to get acid demonstration, but i'd like to prevent them from coming in woe with this skill. Here is my current woe kicker : - script WoE_Kick FAKE_NPC,{ end; OnKick: warp "gonryun",159,124; end; OnPCLoadMapEvent: //LVL MAX LIMITATION if (agitcheck() == 1 || agitcheck2() == 1) { if( strcharinfo(3) == "payg_cas05" && BaseLevel > 99 ){ addtimer 1000, "WoE_Kick::OnKick";} else if( strcharinfo(3) == "payg_cas01" && BaseLevel > 200 ){ addtimer 1000, "WoE_Kick::OnKick"; } //stat restriction else if( strcharinfo(3) == "payg_cas05" && (readparam(bStr)>=100 || readparam(bInt)>=100 || readparam(bAgi)>=100 || readparam(bDex)>=100 || readparam(bVit)>=100 || readparam(bLuk)>=100) ){ addtimer 1000, "WoE_Kick::OnKick"; } //GUILD LIMITATION else if( strcharinfo(3) == "payg_cas05" && !getcharid(2) ){ addtimer 1000, "WoE_Kick::OnKick"; } else if( strcharinfo(3) == "payg_cas01" && !getcharid(2) ){ addtimer 1000, "WoE_Kick::OnKick"; } else if( strcharinfo(3) == "arug_cas05" && !getcharid(2) ){ addtimer 1000, "WoE_Kick::OnKick"; } } //PVP 99 else if( strcharinfo(3) == "guild_vs2" && (readparam(bStr)>=100 || readparam(bInt)>=100 || readparam(bAgi)>=100 || readparam(bDex)>=100 || readparam(bVit)>=100 || readparam(bLuk)>=100) ){ addtimer 1000, "WoE_Kick::OnKick"; } end; } payg_cas01 mapflag loadevent payg_cas05 mapflag loadevent arug_cas05 mapflag loadevent guild_vs2 mapflag loadevent But I have to admit I have no idea how to prevent a stalker with acid demo to come in. Can someone helps me on this ? Thanks a lot
  11. It works perfectly, thanks a lot for your help !
  12. So here is what I did : In À¯ÀúÀÎÅÍÆäÀ̽º/collection/taogunka.bmp In À¯ÀúÀÎÅÍÆäÀ̽º//item/taogunka.bmp In ¾ÆÀÌÅÛ/taogunka.spr In iteminfo.lua : identifiedDisplayName = "Tao Gunka Card", identifiedResourceName = "taogunka", It works, but when I clic on my card in game in order to equip it into something, it errors me, saying I miss taogunka.act in ¾ÆÀÌÅÛ/. So I obviously miss taogunka.act, but how can I get it ? I'm using : but It doesn't provide any kind of .act, just .spr. Am I missing something ? I'm guessing I need to use the .act of other cards (and rename it to taogunka.act), but I just can't find it anywhere...
  13. Hello, I'd like to change the sprite of my MVP/miniMVP cards to let's say red, and give to normal cards the classic theme. I know I have to add the new card sprite in sprite/¾ÆÀÌÅÛ. But I can't find the related file in order to give the card one specific item sprite and one specific collection sprite. Here is my luafiles514/lua files/datainfo The only thing I managed to do so far is change the item sprite by changing the resourcename in iteminfo.lua. But once I right clic on the item in game It gives me an error telling me there's no collection related to this card. So can someone tell me in which file I can't set the new item sprite (just like there's for hat in accname and accessoryname), and in which file I can decide which collection I want to give to my new card. For example, let's say i'm making a totally new MVP card, I want to give it a new sprite which I'll call "redsprite.bmp" but also give it the collection of Tao Gunka Card. How should I proceed ? Thanks a lot for your help
  14. Unfortunately it has to be effective globally (or atleast at a map scale), it's in order to prevent players from seeing emperium's HP ! Thanks for your help though
  15. Hello, Is there a map flag "hidemobhpbar" in hercules just like there's one for rathena ? (in order to bypass the hp_bar config in monster.conf). If yes, where, if no, do you know how I can do it ? Thanks a lot for your help !
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