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  1. Hello, I would like to increase max HP of every class by 30% once they reach a lvl higher than 99 (so the lvl 1 to 99 stay vanilla, and the lvl 100+ has a higher HP pool). I know I can customise HP tables in job_db.conf, but my HP tables are already made for my lvl 1 to 600 and I have no idea how I can multiply by 1.3 every entry between lvl 100 a 600 for every single classes. Does anyone have an idea how I should proceed this ? I can't manually multiply every entry for base lvl > 100 by 1,3. Maybe it's possible to use a script who'd boost everyone hp by 30% if they're more than lvl 99 ? Or is there a simplier way ? Thanks a lot for your help
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    bump, need @blockexp too, help plz
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