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  1. This has nothing to do with gepard. You can edit this in the skill.db file.
  2. Since its been deprecated with the 2019 update. i'm kinda testing it today and here's what i encountered: Using this below format: ViewData: { SpriteId: "DANTEAPPRENTICE" WeaponId: 642 ShieldId: 0 RobeId: 0 HeadTopId: 67 HeadMidId: 10207 HeadLowId: 55 HairStyleId: 1 BodyStyleId: "Job_Taekwon" HairColorId: 9 BodyColorId: 4 Gender: "SEX_MALE" Options: 0 } BodystyleId: seems to only read the value 0 or Job_Novice. I just need confirmation if this is already 100% fully functional or am i just missing something? Thanks!
  3. I think what he means is that he applied the weapon sprite as a headgear slot. That way it appears no matter what condition your weapon script has. Just to make sure it doesn't overlay the existing, use the W_FIST instead as subtype.
  4. On your skill_db.conf find { Id: 485 Name: "WS_CARTTERMINATION" Description: "Cart Termination" and look for the this: DamageType: { IgnoreCards: true } It should be like this DamageType: { //IgnoreCards: true } after that restart the server.
  5. Hi @anacondaq! Any way i can make my friends(local area) connect to my offline server? we have the same IP. A tutorial would be much appreciated! Thank you! Update: Nvm, I figured it out. For those that want to have a LAN party with your friends follow these steps: 1. Download Hamachi( make your friends download it as well cause this will be the main network connectivity you will use) - Main User # Register An Account # Create New Network # Save your network's user and pass ( you will give this access to your friends so they can connect to your hamachi IP ) - Sub User # Register An Account # Join Network # Get the Main network's user and pass and login through that 2. Get the IP provided by Hamachi 3. Replaced the IP defaults of the ff [conf] files: - char-server.conf - map-server.conf - network.conf(just add the hamachi IP provided) ex. trusted: ( "", ) 4. find the "clientinfo.xml" file in your RO folder and change this "<address></address>" to the hamachi ip. note that if you find other grf's that has the same file, just do the same process as well. 5. Share your RO folder. Main user is required to execute the ff: 1. Domain 2. run-server.bat Sub users don't. So you can just send the client file even without the domain. Hamachi only has a maximum of 5 users. if you want to extend the capacity you have to pay. GOODLUCK!
  6. Hi Wolfie, Its Ragnarok Mobile. Like this one. Will try the script you sent.. thanks!
  7. Just like in ROM, only this can state atleast the last time value of the MvP before spawning. same prompt like @resist. when monster is dead, on @mvptime " <mvpname> only has <hours>,<mins> before spawning " when monster is alive " <mvpname> has spawned at <mapname> " Thank you in advance!
  8. Hello, would like to request a simple script that when an hourly event is activated and announced globally, a text display message will show below and display " Do you want to join the event? Type - 'Yes' to join, ignore if you don't want to." and if they type on the chat box 'Yes' after 3 seconds they will be globally recalled near the npc. its more or less reducing the amount of effort a player has to go through instead of announcing the coordinates and they type the whole thing, just a simple yes or ignore will do.
  9. I see. I suspect my grf editor might have something to do with this. I'll update when something comes up. Thanks!
  10. What do you mean by changing the client? I'll try to redo the diffing method. I did it when i saw it on the video guide.
  11. 1. I'll see what compression method would make it work. 2. It didn't prompt any errors and such.. Reason why i'm editing in data.grf is due to the client can't read my custom grf. for some reason, i've followed almost every default guide and still no avail. So i'll just have to make use of what the client can read. anyways thanks for the tip @Dastgir
  12. @anacondaq I'm having a rather disturbing issue whenever i edit out something on the data.grf, the client doesn't open anymore. I'm assuming the whole client pack is encrypted somewhat since i tried to replaced a sprite with the same name, and after saving the grf, the client can't be opened anymore. Tho the fix here is to just replace the data.grf to the default one but i need to find a fix to openly save files and make the client read it even with changes made to the data.grf itself.
  13. None. no error logs or whatsoever. I'll try this when it occurs again. I found some rathena fix that deleting 'atcommandlog' refreshes everything and it did. Thanks again!
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