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  1. Hey guys, i just wanna know how can i edit out the " Status Point " received per level. Currently i wanted the Status points below to be atleast 100,000k points for distribution at a 750 Base level and 250 Job Level.
  2. Client Version: 2018-04-18bRagexeRE_patched Setup: data.ini revamp.grf accname.lub accessory.lub iteminfo.lua item_db2.conf Error whenever i equip the HG: After that, i can't login the account anymore due to that error recurring. No issue on the cmd its all smooth.
  3. can't seem to implement some custom sprites in this version. may i know why? i did most of the default input like(iteminfo,accname.lub etc..) but to no avail.
  4. Hello good day! I've been having troubles correcting the issue but it seems I've reached an impasse. It seems like i'm missing a setting which i'm not familiar with, anyone care to share why i'm having this error? is there any tick settings to enable it for Hercs Compatibility? Thank you!
  5. Check the grf priority in your .dat make sure you've extracted it on the " 0=servername.grf "
  6. I don't own the sprites, I just recolored them xD
  7. Name: Jo Availability: 19:00-22:00 (GMT+8) Monday - Sunday skype: jorietawesome5 Age: 23 Discord: Promeister#1268 Skills: Spriting/Scripting(db's related)/Video Editing/Photoshop/Marketing GFX Ads Some of my works: Audacity Ragnarok Advertisement Video Caelum Sword
  8. Im flattered @Myriad <3 i wish i can make my own sprite soon but i suck at pixel art