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  1. Check the grf priority in your .dat make sure you've extracted it on the " 0=servername.grf "
  2. I don't own the sprites, I just recolored them xD
  3. Name: Jo Availability: 19:00-22:00 (GMT+8) Monday - Sunday skype: jorietawesome5 Age: 23 Discord: Promeister#1268 Skills: Spriting/Scripting(db's related)/Video Editing/Photoshop/Marketing GFX Ads Some of my works: Audacity Ragnarok Advertisement Video Caelum Sword
  4. Im flattered @Myriad <3 i wish i can make my own sprite soon but i suck at pixel art
  5. I'll try to post more soon. Stay tuned!
  6. No problem bro, I appreciate your time on replying to my post and i'll refer to the link you sent thanks again!
  7. I was hoping something similar to rathena with a one click download and voila! you're ready to play your own offline server. but if this is the only alternative available then I guess i'll deal with it the hard way.
  8. Please! if you have any easy tutorial to get a Ragnarok Offline with Hercs emu please do provide in the comments below. I'm using Windows 10 x64