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  1. hi all this is vip script to make account be group id 2 for 3 days...but after 3 days the accounte stil vip status..how to change? After 5 days it wil be -2days
  2. hi sir @Cretino i got this error...how can i fix this sir?
  3. Hi all.. How to add all new account be group id 2 in default only for 3 days... All new account login will start the count for 3 days be group id 2... by account not by character . thank you in advance
  4. Thank you very much sir...I really appreciated your help
  5. Can you teach me how to put double drop rate script on your script that you give me?
  6. Hi sir your script is to get base/job exp right?can add double drop rate too sir
  7. Thank you very much sir @Kenpachi all working nice
  8. Thanks sir...i will try and let you know
  9. hai all is this correct i edit this script? group id 2 above will get double exp if below then 2 just normal exp... i make like this but nothing happen...exp not increase.. can someone make it right?
  10. Hi all...around year 2009 some server have 3 types of drop rates normal/miniboss/boss Default Hercules only have normal mob drop rate and boss drop rate... it possible to make it normal mob,mini boss mob and boss aka mvp drop rate?
  11. Thank you very much sir...i will try implement this on my server by tonight...i will let you know...
  12. hai all it possible i give rentitem +10weapon like getitem2 function but have expire time?
  13. hai all master...can you all help me build new script? the script like this... room like private room quest rent 1m zeny only party with 5 person at lest can rent the room room function is will summon any mvp in random after mvp die room will summon another mvp in random for 5 times...after that all player will warp to prontera and need to wait for 4 hours to rent again.. have 4 room available that mean after 1 party done other party can join... mvp drop like normal drop but room will give reward for who finish the quest.. if player die..they can rejoin the quest until the quest finish.... can someone teach me...because i am so 'poring' in script thanks in advance
  14. Hi all master..can someone teach me make new NPC use this script? here the script this function is add/delete vip account by GM can i change the script use visible NPC and can access by player the function is like this: player can buy the VIP account use NPC Example mes "hai there you want to upgrade your account?" next; menu : vip silver,Vip Gold,Vip Platinum; vip silver 7days,15days,30days vip Gold 7days,15days,30days vip Platinum 7days,15days,30days price 7days 10cash,15days 100cash and 30days 1000cash above an example...but it possible we make like that? so no need GM add player can buy by them self but have price.. thanks in advance
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