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  1. Thank you sir...can you teach menhow to write script login event for adjust the rates and give me example so i can make new npc only group id 2 can access (if group id 2 = hai...if group id 0 = sorry sir you don’t have permission to access this)
  2. hai all it possible to change rate/drop/refine rate for group id 2 and above? example: group id 0 - normal player (noting change) group id 2 - vip player got this ... if (getgroupid() >=2) double exp, double drop, double refine rates, double kafra storage, half fees for change job to rebirh, can use some npc like healer, free use kafra service and auto get blessing when login can someone teach me how to set this?
  3. Ya everyday sir...9am to 11am...when event start server will announce and event end also server announce.. normal rates 25x when happy hour it will be 50x like that
  4. Thanks sir...i will try and let you know...but how to set benefit like double exp,double refine rate,got agi and bless when login...because herc doesn’t have official vip account that why need use group id...
  5. But if the event end where can i put the announcement?
  6. And how to add the announcement when the floating rate event start and end?
  7. Hi all can someone help me to build premium account or vip account alike... Have 3 type daily,weekly and monthly use vip coupon and claim group id on NPC benefit got double exp on all,refine rate 50% success can use all cash npc like stylish,font changer,font color....and will get increase agility and blessing when warp or login... and got custom aura for known as VIP...when level 99 the aura become double...normal aura 99 + VIP aura if possible please teach me how...
  8. Can it have custom aura for VIP user?
  9. Good Day Citizens of Midgard! Be a pioneer on this upcoming Ragnarok Project : Geovani Episode 12: Nightmare of Midgard The Destruction of Morroc Downloads will be available NOW! Registration is now available at http://bit.ly/RPG-reg Join our GROUP! https://www.facebook.com/groups/rpglevelup/ Tag your friends on the comment box and invite them on this awesome server! ➡️USEFUL LINKS ✅Official Website: http://www.ragnaroklevelup.com ✅Register here: http://bit.ly/RPG-reg ✅Downloads: http://bit.ly/RPG-Downloads ✅Support Ticket: http://myaccount.ragnaroklevelup.com/support/tickets ✅Share for Points: http://bit.ly/RPG-s4p ✅Vote for Points: http://bit.ly/RPG-v4p
  10. i have script but i lost the SQL Table can someone teach me how to create new one for the script... here some query sql on the script query_sql( "SELECT `id` FROM `e_freebie` WHERE `aid` = "[email protected]+" LIMIT 1", [email protected] ); query_sql( "INSERT INTO `e_freebie` ( `aid` ) VALUES ( "[email protected]+" )" ); query_sql( "SELECT COUNT(`id`) FROM `e_freebie` WHERE `status` = 2",[email protected]_id ); query_sql( "SELECT `id`, `time` FROM `e_freebie` WHERE `status` = 1 AND `aid` = "+ [email protected], [email protected], [email protected]$ ); query_sql( "UPDATE `e_freebie` SET `status` = 2, `time` = NOW() WHERE `id` = "[email protected]+" LIMIT 1" );
  11. Is rathena script is compatible with hercules?