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  1. Hi all how to create script that will spawn boss monster if total kill on that map reach 100 normal mob? example map prt_fild08 kill poring 100 will auto spawn mastering... player 1 kill 50poring after that another player kill another 50 so total 100 and auto spawn mastering...after mastering dead...system will have cooldown time for 24hours.. not kill 100 poring on whole map just prt_fild08
  2. Hi all...i need help about Eden Group script... actually my server is PRE-RE server but i enable Eden Group script from RE script.. and i got this problem.. can someone help me to fix this?
  3. mmo.h already i compile with 20151029 exe...how to check firewall because if i use my current hercules..if i use latest one is no problem...my current hercules is my current server...
  4. Hi all actually i just rent new vps...and i import all my files to new vps...all setup are done and no problem at all...but why i cannot connect with my client? i never change the client all i have setup new IP and server compile...here some photo of my problem... when i try to login cannot but after i close the client..they have message on putty like "closed connection from 'my client IP' " that's mean it connect but i don't know why it Failed connect to server? can someone help me to figure what is the problem?
  5. Yes sir @4144 im using 2018 hercules with some modifications... but my client are 2015...i still have this problem... You also have this problem sir?
  6. hi all can somebaby help me how to fix this one?
  7. Hi all can someone teach me to edit current script but set item_link feature to the item required and reward... example put item_link to Hunting_Misson script , Quest_shop script by @Euphy And Quest_board script by @tr0n_ help me...thanks in advance
  8. Thank you very much sir
  9. Hi all can someone teach me how to set if player use @autotrade will auto disconnect when it reach 8hours? default @autotrade is no limit when player login vending will be close but now i want set limt for 8hours only
  10. Hi all it possible to make random daily quest like mc tiffiny roextreme...or sometime similar like that?...can someone give me an example?
  11. hi all i really don't know what the problem is..but on my map-server some error appear....here the picture..can someone help me to fix this?
  12. Hi all can someone teach me how to make this script? script is like this when we login system auto force we to make number password...after that when login system will always ask the number...if wrong we will disconnected from server...when we not put the number we will freeze,mute and stun...we cannot use any skill or telewing here the picture
  13. Can someone teach me to create script player can get reward when share and invite passive player to play like some server https://community.ragnarevival.com/index.php?/topic/402-revivalro-referral-guide/ Thanks in advance
  14. long time i search for this idea...i want like this too...around 2004-2007 some official server botter set the acolyte as the warper...when we deal some price of zeny the acolyte will use memo skill to selected destination...bot will create chat room and say 150z pay_dun/100z orc_dun/120z hidden_temple..when we paid the amount they automatically open the portal...
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