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  1. long time i search for this idea...i want like this too...around 2004-2007 some official server botter set the acolyte as the warper...when we deal some price of zeny the acolyte will use memo skill to selected destination...bot will create chat room and say 150z pay_dun/100z orc_dun/120z hidden_temple..when we paid the amount they automatically open the portal...
  2. Thanks sir @X-EcutiOnner
  3. hi all my server use serveral custom point for reward here some #TIMEPOINT #VOTEPOINT #SHAREPOINT #PVPPOINT #MISSONPOINT #EVENTPOINT #MVPPOINT #CASHPOINT How to make 1 NPC to check how many point we have on that character... example [POINT CHECKER] You have 10 timepoint 5 votepoint 3 sharepoint 0 pvppoint....... thanks for helping
  4. Need help from master @AnnieRuru or someone can help to make adjustment for me.. here the really good script this script have three set of daily supply.. how to make it just 1 set.. just set 3(for every 12am only) thanks in advance... because when i change it to 1 only 'mes' after that 'display chance' will be take supply set2..
  5. Hi my idol...can you show me how to put it specific on the script? and can you help me like this : 1 silver coins + 500zeny = 20% chance to get gold coins 1 silver coins + 10cash = 50% chance to get gold coins 1 silver coins + poring coin = 90% chance to get gold coins... sir @Kenpachi can you help me build this?
  6. Hi all can someone share or teach me how to do this script? the script i want is like this: Exchange item to item need to pay zeny but have percentage to failure example change silver coins to gold coins requirement 1 silver coins and 500zeny but 80% successful and 20% fail... thanks in advance
  7. Hi all have someone have script structure for Daily Quest? that script will change the quest by 24hours
  8. Hi all can i know how to make command @showexp will on automatically when login? so player can use @showexp to off if they don’t want it appear on messages... normally we need to make command @showexp to show it...but not i need is exp always show
  9. Hi all...I’ve create script that can get +10 stat food buff from npc... but how to set the buff will cancel when user die?
  10. hai all i already update for some new costumes..but i already at on iteminfo.lua/accessoryid.lub/accname.lub but when i wear nothing happen.. my client is 2015-10-29 here the picture... can someone show me how to do it?
  11. Hi all It possible to freeze all current account for 2 weeks?because i need do reopen back server without wipe out all old account I mean like this freeze account from 2000002 to 2000343 example and account 2000344 new register can be login...but after 2weeks old account can be use as usual
  12. Thank you @AnnieRuru and @Dastgir...all work now
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