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  1. hi @L1nkZ i success cargo build --release...and now where can i get patcher.exe to copy to my game client directory?not found...or just use thor.exe?
  2. no i mean i need to modified official script not custom script..here this one is official attendance system see the picture...i ask how can i change this attendance system not custom script..
  3. thanks for reply..but i use official Attendance System..can i modified that system?
  4. hi all how to set Attendance System will give reward after 1 hour in game? not on the spot..need to online for 1 hour..
  5. Thanks for reply...but what i need is not VIP benefit script...i just want to make rates will be different between normal job and rebirth job...maybe i can change on exp table...but if got script can make it separately it will be wonderful.
  6. Hi all can i know it’s possible to make 2 different rates between normal job and rebirth job?can do by script or need source modification? example rates is 7x global but when we reborn rates change to 5x...
  7. Hi hercules can someone share to me hexed 2018-03-14nRagexe? i try download on nemo.herc.ws failed maybe the client already gone. the reason i want this client because i want use packet obfuscation...this is last client that support packet obfuscation key...thanks in advance
  8. Hi @Daraen here mine https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Cxf9CsrLTvByAFiVd3zc52EzdKGn8klZ/view?usp=sharing
  9. I already try use reshack but that one only change the exe icon not the title window icon... and for warning window is license.txt...just diff always show license...and need to use langtype 7/8
  10. hi @Neo-Mind when i use WARP the title icon is not show..how to show the icon? here some picture to refer...on the red mark
  11. Have other way?/sob...my vps 2core 1gbram
  12. Hi..i install all from dockerfile...all 243 of 244 success but just one error how to fix this error? /swt
  13. hi @L1nkZ i got this error while cargo build..how to fix this?
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