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  1. i smell death knight implementation here guyssss.s......... l0l
  2. royal guard alt sprite is the best for me :>
  3. i saw Rytech posted something, and i thought it was a new alt sprite ahahha
  4. Table 'athena1_rag.mapreg' doesn't exist the name of your table in your server is athena1_rag right? it means mapreg field is missing in your database, create a field with a name mapreg and it should work :3.
  5. 10k exp 10%drop or 100 exp (very low) with instant level up quest :3 , exp rewards from the monsters in a quest will do the leveling for you :3 these two are my favorite settings
  6. aahahah i know the feeling dude OMG! ahah
  7. guys fxfreitas deserves a reputation here, please support this guy for his hardwork! tnx fxfreitas
  8. +1 for this man! good job! i have been waiting for a complete version of this i hope you have a version of death knight and shaman as gm sprite alternative
  9. uhmmm... how much difficult ? wich client maybe ? i like the old char creation system too, but i think the only solution is to switchback to the old client which doesnt support new features like new class,effects etc.. better stick with the new system.. im hoping that there will be a hex that enables newer clients to use old style char creation
  10. npc that will ask you to select your race (complete with palette files) anyone with a good heart?
  11. the problem is when i change the color of royal guard the griffin's color messed up, but the lion mount is fine? what should i do? help anyone?
  12. i would like to request this AP System in a 1 on 1 match -npc with chatroom this npc will be holding 2 players only in the room, after the room is full (2/2) the countdown begins in 5 secs if the two players stay in the room then they will be warped on a pvp map -rewards winning player will be given a 1 to 5 APs (Arena Points) only on this event not "onpckill event" loser's AP will be reduced 1 to 5 APs (Arena Points) only on this event not "onpckill event" after killing the opponent or after dying they will be warped on their last save point this AP point system will serve as a custom currency for an AP shop minimum AP is 0