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  1. Hey there! We are now opening job vacancy as SUB-GM Required: 2 SubGMs 1. Jobdesk: (Forum moderator & Overall In-Game Helper) 2. Jobdesk: (Event Helper + Newbie Helper) Please do sent me your CV including experiences being SUB-GM through: Email: [email protected] Payment: Any that you prefer. We'll discuss further. Thank you in advance. Best, Timothy Randy
  2. Hi there! We are hiring & in need of developer due to heavy list of maintenance. Things you need to know about beforehand : • Scripting • Thor Patcher • Client Modifications • FluxCP • RDC & RTO ( Due to remote PhpMyAdmin ) Our developers been working real hard and we need to add more into our team. Currently, we have 3 Developers separately ( 1 Website Dev, 1 In-Game Dev, 1 Outgame-Scripter Dev ) The available position goes to someone who knows everything as a whole. Don't worry, 3 other Developers can help out anytime if you need assistance. As WOE is approaching, everything must be perfect and we're working under deadline. • Will be paid in real money or any preference you want. Please kindly message me here or • Discord: Cactus#0787 • Skype: RandyTobing
  3. Amazing! Goodjob! I'd like to purchase it if available for selling? Please do reach me at [email protected]
  4. Hello! First of all, I'd like to thank you to Herc.ws for providing us with this facility for FREE! Alright, so as mentioned in this title, we are looking for developer who can manage maintenance, upcoming projects, and bug fixing. Here's few information about our server: Base Server: Hercules Max Level: 175/60 Max Stats: 120 Attack Speed: 193 Rate: 800x/800x/600x Gameguard: Gepard Shield Protection Diversity: Faction Race, Mutate, Enchant Mastery, Weapon Mastery Open Beta: 14/05/2016 (NEW) Players: 60 PEAK yesterday