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  1. What are the compatible Flux Rev for this V4P i tested with Latest it won't work.
  2. Hi, I just realized that when using Cloaking or any hiding skill and you have Pet your pet doesn't hide too. Is there a way I that the pet can hide too? Since I disabled Maya Purple. Thank you in advance!
  3. Thank you I'll be looking forward Cretino!
  4. Will you support for rA version?
  5. I added that still the same i think there something more need to modified as well? I realized that it's a lot of modification needs to be done. especially in src/char/ side
  6. Thank you for the help @4144 However there's an little issue everytime i completed my TKD Mission it won't give any points and proceed to another quest.
  7. I did try but still "skill has failed"...
  8. Hi, i was digging at the source and i coudn't find the exact or i missing it? I was trying to make the Taek Won Mission Skill works also with Star Gladiator Classes. Can someone could help me out? @Naruto Thank you!
  9. Hi, is there also you can make a compatible for rAthena?
  10. @AnnieRuru is there way yo ucan make it compatible for rA version please? Thank you!
  11. Where is the Package Claim at Prontera? The package claim is a system which I did not coded, so this version send the item to a character from your account, maybe I have to edit the speeching script... Are you able to make the script? thanks in advanced!
  12. Thank you all for the respond! i appreciate it.
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