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  1. there is no need to use SQL, a simple vip system will do the trick, like this one (found via google): vip system by brianL from eAthena: ticks = how long their VIP will last, in seconds. // usage: callfunc "F_VIPstart", <ticks>; function script F_VIPstart { set [email protected]s, getarg(0); // getarg(0) = ticks (seconds) if ([email protected] <= 0) { debugmes "F_VIPstart - tried to set a timer in the past"; end; } // set a variable, #VIP_expire, as the Unixtime when this expires set #VIP_expire, gettimetick(2) + [email protected]; // add a timer with that tick (in case they stay logged in that long) if ([email protected] < 2147483) { // prevent overflow error addtimer [email protected] *1000, "vip_rental::OnVIPend"; } else { addtimer 2147483, "vip_rental::OnVIPcheck"; } // change them to GM level 1 atcommand "@adjgroup 1 "+strcharinfo(0); dispbottom "You now have access to VIP commands!"; return; } - script vip_rental -1,{ OnPCLoginEvent: if (#VIP_expire > gettimetick(2)) { // timer in future dispbottom "VIP Rental : expires in " + callfunc("Time2Str",#VIP_expire); atcommand "@adjgroup 1 "+strcharinfo(0); } OnVIPcheck: if (#VIP_expire > gettimetick(2)) { if ((#VIP_expire - gettimetick(2)) < 2147483) { // prevent overflow error addtimer (#VIP_expire - gettimetick(2)) *1000, strnpcinfo(3)+"::OnVIPend"; } else { addtimer 2147483, strnpcinfo(3)+"::OnVIPcheck"; } } else if (#VIP_expire) { // timer already expired doevent strnpcinfo(3)+"::OnVIPend"; } end; OnVIPend: // change them to GM level 0 atcommand "@adjgroup 0 "+strcharinfo(0); set #VIP_expire, 0; // clear timer dispbottom "Your VIP Rental has expired."; end; }
  2. ok I've stumbled with this same problem, none of the 91 official ROBES works! I'm using fully updated kRO, Hercules and 2019-05-30aRagexe (and original Lua files from kRO)... have you solved your issue @rans?
  3. I didn't made a custom one, I just copied the soul reaper and star gladiator new jobs to the costume folder to make my players be able to change into them until hercules implement them (I can dream, right? 😀) that is why I asked that time to make the body style option show for them too (my body palette issue I explained here)
  4. this will be really really useful, specially to make players feel more rewarded by an event! thanks annie hope it can support offline players soon 😁 btw wouldn't it make more sense to have this as a function instead of an npc? (just a thought 😜)
  5. yes just edit your misc.conf accordingly: // Manner/karma system configuration. Specifies how does negative manner // (red no chat bubble) affects players (add as needed): // 0: No penalties. // 1: Disables chatting (includes whispers, party/guild msgs, etc) // 2: Disables skill usage // 4: Disables commands usage // 8: Disables item usage/picking/dropping // 16: Disables room creation (chatrooms and vending shops) manner_system: 31
  6. okay I was so happy to "finally" have found a nice client to work with (2020-02-06aRagexe) but then I found out that guild emblems doesn't work... is there a way to make they work by configuring the externalsettings_kr_sak.lub file? or even some php script that we could host?
  7. evilpuncker

    exp tabble

    sim e muito fácil por sinal, ja que ambos exp tables são apenas números separados por virgulas https://herc.ws/board/topic/17494-old-exp-tables-exp_group_dbconf-for-base-level-999/
  8. thank you so much for this, gonna test it right now
  9. idk, I was just guessing 😁 but yes I thought it would not matter but I also changed to this: case LOOK_BODY2: if (sd != NULL && (sd->sc.option&OPTION_COSTUME) != OPTION_NOTHING) val = 0; vd->cloth_color = 0; vd->body_style = val; break; but guess what what am I doing wrong? 😓 (what I want in case it wasn't clear: when changing body style -> reset cloth color to zero)
  10. I was messing with palette and noticed that the costume ones have different palettes path and since I'm using the shared palette diff, it doesn't support it. So I remembered that we have the: wedding_ignorepalette etc etc settings, but we don't have one for body styles (costumes), I even tried to edit the clif_changelook function but no success (I always try to solve things before creating a topic 😁) , here is what I did: case LOOK_CLOTHES_COLOR: if (val && sd != NULL) { if ((sd->sc.option & OPTION_WEDDING) != 0 && battle_config.wedding_ignorepalette == true) val = 0; if ((sd->sc.option & OPTION_XMAS) != 0 && battle_config.xmas_ignorepalette == true) val = 0; if ((sd->sc.option & OPTION_SUMMER) != 0 && battle_config.summer_ignorepalette == true) val = 0; if ((sd->sc.option & OPTION_HANBOK) != 0 && battle_config.hanbok_ignorepalette == true) val = 0; if ((sd->sc.option & OPTION_OKTOBERFEST) != 0 && battle_config.oktoberfest_ignorepalette == true) val = 0; if ((sd->sc.option & OPTION_SUMMER2) != 0 && battle_config.summer2_ignorepalette == true) val = 0; if (vd->body_style != 0) // this is what I added, but still gravity error val = 0; } vd->body_style = 0; // yes I even tried to reset body style to zero when changing colors but it still give palette error vd->cloth_color = val; break; How do I get an error: - get any 3rd class - change cloth color to anything (I'm using the 500+ something pack that has been around for years) - change body style to anything higher than 0 (either by @bodystyle command or stylist npc) - palette error and gravity How do I get an error (number 2): - get any 3rd class - change body style to anything higher than 0 (either by @bodystyle command or stylist npc) - change cloth color to anything (I'm using the 500+ something pack that has been around for years) - palette error and gravity (I'm avoiding to use the Ignore missing palette diff because reasons)
  11. why do it says client loaded 20180904? there is something wrong there 😁
  12. Use client 2019-05-30 and you should be fine, I'm using 2020-02-06aRagexe right now with no issues btw you can download them here: http://nemo.herc.ws/
  13. I mean this feature that they removed: https://github.com/HerculesWS/Hercules/commit/b767de877460a7fb55c4c8a6bd8e21bcbe079b07 I wanted to know if its possible to edit the code to something like this: (pseudo code) if ((id = itemdb->search(it->nameid)) != NULL && id->flag.drop_announce (or drop_rate lower/equal than X%)) { clif->item_drop_announce(mvp_sd, it->nameid, md->name); } and about the other luk issue, its really hard to track since @monsterinfo doesn't display drop rates based on current player values, but flat values (I think)
  14. This one. First issue (most likely a question): we have this code: if (src) { //Drops affected by luk as a fixed increase [Valaris] if (battle_config.drops_by_luk) drop_rate += status_get_luk(src)*battle_config.drops_by_luk/100; //Drops affected by luk as a % increase [Skotlex] if (battle_config.drops_by_luk2) drop_rate += (int)(0.5+drop_rate*status_get_luk(src)*battle_config.drops_by_luk2/10000.); } lets say my server max stat is 600, what value should I use so at 600 LUCK, I get +10% drop Second issue: Since they removed the old battle conf that we could set a drop announce for items with X% drop chance, without any replacement (okay we have the DropAnnounce, but its a pain to add that on every item entry), the question is: what should I change on this code in order to make it announce items with drop chance "equal or lower than X%"? // Official Drop Announce [Jedzkie] if (mvp_sd != NULL) { if ((id = itemdb->search(it->nameid)) != NULL && id->flag.drop_announce) { clif->item_drop_announce(mvp_sd, it->nameid, md->name); } }
  15. sorry for the necropost, but just a small doubt, does the source already check if item is refineable (flag.no_refine) somewhere else or should we add the check too? (asking this because there are items that shouldn't be refineable and I didn't see a check)
  16. this is to make the item more "special", if everybody can have it its not fun or even balanced yes, the 500 is optional, you can chose between used amount or unlimited
  17. for example: type 1: GM generate code "abc123" and every player in the server can redeem it once per account as long as it is not expired (i.e. you make a post in a social media and need to give only one code and everyone can use it once until it expires) type 2: GM generate code "abc123" and only the first player that use it will be successful, once he use it the code will expire (i.e. you make a post in a social media and give 5 codes from type 2 and only the 5 person who use it will be able to redeem the item) *okay this need a little trick, I've edited my previous post with the solution*
  18. A few suggestions in case someone is going to make this script in the future: - redeem log viewer - 2 types of codes: one that can be used multiple times by different accounts, and one that can be used just once only by one account - add expiration date to codes, with default date to expire (i.e. 1 month) or undefined (infinite) - add announce (yes/no) when player redeem code - add delay to use npc (good to prevent multiple code uses and prevent spam/give chance to slower players) - better code generation (maybe even saving them on .txt file) being able to chose from random letters and numbers, to anything you want (i.e. mycode2020) - rewrite everything to getitembound as @AnnieRuru said - something like this: -> talk to npc -> chose code style (random generated or user input) -> chose code amount (amount of uses that it can be used) -> chose code type (by account or unique use) -> (if unique use: we need to add a "group" to the codes, for example: we generate a group of 5 unique codes, they all belong to a group (something to make them unique), so a player can only use one of the 5 codes from THAT group (we need this to make sure that a player alone doesn't use all the codes at once and others player don't have a chance) and the other 4 codes can still be used by other players) -> chose code reward (itemID - amount) - no more ideas
  19. sorry, it has been way TOO LONG since I left RO 😁 I forgot about everything
  20. something like this: https://pastebin.com/raw/kQXRG1yq
  21. yes, set it to 23k or something like that, and remember to recompile
  22. use 21500 in npcidentity.lub and in mob_db.conf ID, you shouldn't any already used ID
  23. have you added the custom entry on the lua files? 1) client/data/luafiles514/lua files/datainfo/jobname.lua 2) client/data/luafiles514/lua files/datainfo/npcidentity.lua
  24. show us the mob_skill_db entry so we can see the code...
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