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  1. Here's the new version, I'll update the post to have 1.1 as the default version later. For now link only: - link removed - Fixing it currently xD but wait until 1.1 is released! YOU WILL EXPECT GREATNESS!!! Basically I redesigned the script. @extradrops - To edit the setup! So you could essentially disable Cash points for each mob, one/any specified mob now! @onoffdrops - Toggle ON / OFF the system for players. Usually you would want to disable the system to make changes with @extradrops. Once you feel satisfied with your changes, @onoffdrops will turn your Extra Drops back on! Great
  2. i mean config cashamount 1 time, but there result all monster. Ex. setarray .MonsterID[1],1003,1004,1005,1007; setarray .CashAmount[1],12; monster id 1003-1007 cash = 12 sorry i not good english.
  3. how to set cash 1 time ,but drop all monster?
  4. for example Every 10 total STR provides additional damage bonus.
  5. How to config after rebirth to level 99 ?
  6. thx. I try change skill_db.conf SkillData1: 10000 to SkillData1: 1 it's working.
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